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    Straight Female / 26

    This is my problem, I like holding a penis and enjoy kissing, licking and sucking a penis. Starting with a limp penis and twirling it around in my mouth while it gets hard gives me a rush. Once it is hard getting my face fucked gets me very horny I can't wait to get fucked. Now that I am working and out in the real world I got called in by one of my bosses and he liked me and called me over to his chair and held my hip while he talked to me. On another occasion he told me that I should be proud of my 'tits' and asked for a peek. While I showed him a little he licked his lips and asked if I enjoyed small kisses and wandering hands. When we were in his car after taking me to a wine bar he unzipped his pants and let me suck his penis. He was rough with me fucking my face and came in my mouth and on my face and I had an orgasm.

    The whole weekend I reflected on what had happened and I told my roommate and she told me to quit, just quit that job before I got in trouble. I just hate having to give up the job but she is right, the last thing I need right now is a relationship with a married man.

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    Yes but you are a man. Gaylord.
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    I've found I love messing with married men the most. They don't get possessive and they don't spread rumors.
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    Nevermind what your silly roommate claims. There's no record of you requesting her opinion in the first place. She would be swayed by jealousy and a bias anyhow. Actually, the last detail you need right now is to be advised by her. Look, you're a big girl now and you can make up your own mind. Since you found a mutually pleasing sexual rendezvous with a friend at your place of employment, give it a fair chance to blossom as opposed to being so liberal & dismissive based on her bias. Like you, many women find experience with a married man to be mutually beneficial in the long run. Furthermore, it may enhance not only your potential but your quality of work life. You'd be well advised to follow your mentor which in this particular case is your superior.

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