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    Straight Male / 49

    Early in our marriage, my wife had several sexual experiences with both men and women...and sometimes both at the same time. The closest I ever got to the action was smelling the dried cum on her tits and jacking off while she told the story of her latest sexual adventure. She was a slut and it was unbelievably hot. But that was 20 years ago and things are much more vanilla now. That was until last week.

    To celebrate our anniversary, we traveled to Florida and found a hotel with its own private island. It was about a fifteen minute boat ride from the hotel. Once on the island, there were chairs, umbrellas, as well as food and drinks. Not much else to do but relax and enjoy the drinks.

    After about an hour, I decided to walk around and explore the island. My wife chose to stay behind. A few hundred yards from our beach chairs, I came across a small sign that said "Warning - Clothing Optional Beach ahead." I looked and didn't seen anyone. Plus, it was vacation, so the opportunity to see some naked people seemed appropriate. About ten minutes later I walked around a corner 7and immediately encountered a group of about 25 people, most who were completely nude. Paul, one of the men from the group invited me over, offered me a beer and introduced me to several others. 7

    As I began to drink the beer, Paul reminded me that this was a nude beach and surely I didn't want to offend my hosts. One thing I need to mention about Paul is that he was well-endowed. I would guess eight to nine inches, very thick and a large mushroom head. Back to the story....As I pulled off my swimsuit, a couple of the ladies giggled and whispered to each other. I suddenly became aware that they were comparing my rather small dick to Paul's, who was standing right next to me. Embarrassed, I quickly thanked them for the beer, but mentioned I needed to get back to my wife. One of the ladies suggested that I get a picture with my new friends so my wife would know where I was. It made sense at the time, so I handed over my phone to her and she took a picture of Paul and myself with several others. Plus, I would just erase the photo as soon as I got out of sight.

    I hurried back to my wife, who asked where I had been. Fumbling through my words, I mentioned there was a nude beach, but I had turned back before I got there. She laughed knowing I would probably not have passed up the opportunity to see a group of naked women. She also knew I would snap a picture if I could, so she grabbed my phone and checked the pics. It was then she saw the picture of myself, Paul and the others. I had hit the "trashcan" on the photo, but failed to hit "delete." There I was nude with a group of strangers for my wife to see.

    "Holy shit!" she said. "Who is that guy?" I pretended not to know what she was talking about, but I knew she meant Paul. Obviously a little drunk at this point, she said rather loudly, "He is at least twice your size!" She got up and then whispered in my ear, "I know what I want for my anniversary" and began walking toward the nude beach area. The slut had returned...and although I was concerned about what might happen, it was incredibly hot to think my wife was hoping to find Paul and fuck his brains out.

    Not sure what to do, I sat quietly in my chair and waited. To help pass the time, I ordered a drink and some food. An hour later she was still not back, so I decided to walk back to the nude beach and see what was up. As I approached the group, one of the ladies greeted me and pulled me into the group. They told me how my wife had walked up to the group naked and had a few drinks. She made out with a couple of the ladies in front of everyone, as well as going down on one of them until she had an orgasm. My wife then got on her knees in front of Paul and began to suck his huge cock while they cheered her on. Apparently she took the entire thing down her throat. They were impressed that she took his entire load.

    After resting for about 15 minutes, my wife and Paul disappeared into the middle of the island and they had yet to come back. It was then one of the ladies pointed out I had a huge erection and there was even a little stain where my pre-cum was leaking. They all had a good laugh. Embarrassed, I decided to find my wife. It took about ten minutes, but eventually I heard the noise ahead, which was my wife screaming and encouraging Paul to "fuck her harder." Not having had the pleasure of seeing my wife get fucked before, I sat back and watched for a while. It was an unbelievable site watching this huge cock inside of my wife. It went on for a least 15 minutes until Paul shot his load inside of my wife.

    As they laid down, Paul looked right at my direction and told me it was okay to come out and join them. I was not sure how to react. I thought I had always wanted to see this and participate, but now the guy who fucked my wife was telling me to come over to them. I was nervous, but aroused at the same time. My wife was still laying down on the towels with her legs spread. Her vagina looked like it had been ravaged and it was oozing cum. She said if I was going to stay around, I had two jobs to do. First, clean her vagina with my tongue, which I gladly did. My second job was to get Paul ready for the next round. I played stupid pretending not to know what she meant, but I did and it had been a secret fantasy of mine to help her lover get hard. With a little encouragement, I got on my knees and sucked his dick (as well as I could) until he became hard enough to fuck my wife again. Before he got started he told me to go back to the other, tell them the entire story and then head back to the hotel. He would drop my wife off when they were finished.

    Now we had gone full circle. I sat by myself in our room anxiously waiting got my wife to come home, tell me the story, let me smell his cum on her (or better yet, eat it from her pussy) and jack myself off. This was our best anniversary yet!

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    Congrats on being gay.

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