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    Straight Female / 35

    I am a male who identifies as straight sexually, however, when Cragslist still had its 'casual encounters' section in he Personal ads, I once ventured out of my comfort zone. I would contact women and couples but that would be it, then I wondered about the t4m section and clicked on it... I saw mostly closeted CD/TV sissies. As i went further into it I decided to contact one, he/she looked alright, on the young side and the ad read ' i love older men'...

    After a few emails and pic exchanges, we decided to rent a motel room on a saturday, i was really anxious and also nervous about it, did my best to hide it though. I was in the motel room first, waiting when i heard the knock, she came into the room and right away noticed that this sissy lived her life as a female 24/7, you couldn't tell it was a guy. she said she was on female hormones too, i could notice her small tits starting to develop (it got me erected right away).

    We chatted, told her i never been with a sissy faggot before. She said i was her third male but the other two were as young as her, she wanted an older man... a daddy. We kissed and got naked, I saw her slim shaven tight body and saw my precum leak out of my dick. The sissy got on her knees as if on cue and took me in her mouth, after a little while we kissed again so i could taste my own precum from her tongue.

    We had our fun for a couple of hours, maybe 3, asshole so tight on her she bit the pillow, hearing this sissy moan was such a turn on I couldn't believe how much i was enjoying myself...

    That was my first surprise that weekend, enjoying sex with a young sissy femboi... the second: he/she was 17! She's probably 22 by now, but felt bad about it then, should've asked her age first even though she was ok with it.

    I've had 3 other fembois since then, over 18 these times... i love sticking my cock in them and having them body worship me... Even though i have a gf nowadays, i sometimes treat myself to a younger sissy from time to time

    p lease don't tell on me...

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    I'm a fem boy and still in high school. I got treated to a man the first time a year ago when I was 14. Sure I was seduced by him but cause I wanted to be with him. My tight butt spasms were uncontrollable when I'm with him. It makes me want more and more? I think maybe I'm all gay and not bi like I thought I was?
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    your comment got me erected young fem boy... hope you can read this and maybe we could chat over on kik (Rumbero12)

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