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    Lesbian Female / 22

    Lesbian Twin Strippers

    My sister (Laurie) and I (Lynn) have been messing around with each other since we were little. We slept and took baths together, and fingers found holes.

    One time when we were 14 our mother caught us diddling. She was cool with it and told us it was natural and okay. Then she showed us how to lick each other's pussies 69 style.

    When we were teens, guys kept pestering us to make-out for money. Eventually we gave in and started to french kiss at clubs, and even moved to massaging and sucking each other titties at private parties. Their gfs were extremely jealous of some of these guys' attention to us, which even led to some cat fights.

    Once we turned 18, a guy we met propositioned us to strip at clubs. We started to make good money as a feature act and even began to perform extra services in the VIP lounge. But the guy started to disrespectt us and steal our money, so we went out on own.

    We had met a guy at the strip club who was gay (he went there to find guys to blow). He is very well built, so we hired him as our personal bouncer.

    We had done a few bachelor parties when we stripped at the club, so it was not difficult to find similar gigs. Our business has really taken off by word-of-mouth. Who wouldn't want to have lesbian twin strippers?

    When we arrive at a party, Laurie and I go into the bathroom to change. Our bouncer goes over the rules with the guys: no touching, no pictures, no disrespectful name calling, no spilling drinks on us (yes they do that), etc. The best thing is, if they are well-behaved, we will get dirtier and nastier for them.

    When we come out of the bathroom, we are dressed in our costumes (nurse, school uniform, etc.). Our entrance is the best part for us, as the guys are usually quite wound-up by then.

    Our attention turns to the bachelor, as he is the guest-of-honor after all. He usually sits in a chair in the centre of the room. Most of our show is for him, with his friends as cheerleaders. We begin by stripping him of his shirt and pants.

    Then we start covering him in whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce as our "banana split". I seductively peel a banana and then begin to share it with him mouth-to-mouth until we are able to french kiss.

    The guys are really anticipating what is going to happen next, as Lynn and I begin to lick off our "banana split". Then we begin to give the bachelor individual lap dances, each feeding him our tits to suck, sitting on his lap, and grinding our pussies on him (always through our clothing).

    Then we take a break and have a drink, mingling among the guys. It is always surprising to us how laid back and respectful most of the guys are (with gfs and wives).

    A few do proposition us. But we tell them it is really hard to break the bond of twin sisters, and with a "wink" we give them a hint of our second-half show.

    Usually the guys start getting restless, so Lynn and I know when it is time to turn our attentian to each other. I sit in the bachelor's chair because I am more voluptuous. Lynn lights a red candle and begins to drip hot wax on my nipples (which I luv). If she is careful enough she can usually form a solid impression of one of my nipples, which we give to the bachelor as a "souvenir".

    Then Lynn blows out the candle, and begins to use the other end as a dildo, working it in and out of my pussy, as we french kiss. As I get wet, Lynn goes downtown and starts to lick my pussy. The guys start to go wild for this.

    Once I feel that I am losing control, I push Lynn back on the floor, we completely strip, and get into the 69 position to start licking each other's pussies. The guys start cheering by now.

    With all the noise, it is hard for us to completely relax and have an orgasm, although Lynn occasionally does squirt on my face. Most times instead, we have to turn to our trusty toy, a We Vibe Rave. This is a quiet vibrator, with asymmetrical edges that always does the job (trust us guys this will really work on your gfs/wives).

    Because I am already aroused, I usually do Lynn first. It does not take long before she starts squirting, and convulsing uncontrollably. Then she turns her attention to me. I soon start moaning and screaming, before I turn into a blubbering mess (I literally cannot speak). Usually it takes me a couple of minutes for me to fully recover, as Lynn cradles me in her arms and gives me loving pecks on my lips.

    By now the guys are cheering for more. If they have been well behave, we offer them a special treat and auction off a bj at the end of the night. But only in the bathroom for privacy, and with our bouncer guarding the door from the inside for safety (bonus is our gay bouncer gets to see the winner's cock).

    The auction always goes above $1000, and usually some of the guys pool their money together for the bachelor. We take him into the batthroom, but sometimes he is a little reluctant because of his fiancee. We tell him that "no one can really knows what goes on behind closed doors".

    Usually he is already aroused because of our show, so it is easy for us to wear down his resistance. We start taking turns stroking his cock, then licking up and down his shaft, and sucking his balls. We start twirling our tongues around the head of his cock, and then pump his cock in and out of our mouths only a couple of times before he shoots his load.

    Depending on if he gives us a facial or cums in one of our mouths, we starting licking the cum off of each other faces or "snowballing" it between our mouths. Then after we make our faces and mouths really messy, we exit the bathroom to show the guy's friends that he is "the man". The guy usually has a weird mixture of embarrassment and pride.

    Needless to say we get a lot of repeat business. We have even been told that some guys have proposed to their gfs, just so they can have a bachelor party with us. We also do "divorce" parties.

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    What a crock of dogshit. What mother would show her children sex acts.
    Take your twisted shit some where else for fuck sake. I bet you are a man hoping to jerk off to other twisted idiots stupid made up bullshit comments. Get out and get laid for real you sad pathetic fool.
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    Strange thing is that I attended a bachelor party like this, but there is no description of the girls and the location is not given. The girls were billed as twins, and had similarly styled hair (curly red) so they looked a lot alike. Then again, this might be a standard show for bachelor party.
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    Sooo hot!! So jealous of ur mum, I dont blame her, I would have reacted the same way

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