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    Straight Female / 28

    I'm scared of myself, and my desires. I'm married, and was never with a lot of men or anything. I've always been turned on by non consent stuff.

    I feel awful that my first thought when I hear about someone being r**ed is 'why wasn't it me? Whats wrong with me that no one has tried to do that to me?'. I watch a lot of porn of those scenarios.

    I've found chatrooms and forums and stuff online, and talked to guys about it. Even giving out some personal info that could be used to find me if they really tried, but not enough to make it super easy. I have the registered sex offender thing as a saved bookmark and I've driven and walked by some of their houses.

    I don't know where this desire comes from, and I hate that I want it and that it turns me on so much. I think about it all the time.

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    There is nothing wrong with having fantasies. If you are really turned on by r**e fantasies you can place an ad and find someone to help you roleplay it. The right person or people can make it realistic and extremely exciting. Obviously being r**ed in real life is quite different and horrible. But play r**e that is done properly can be pretty hot I imagine.
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    Ditto on above. Role playing scenarios may be enough
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    Your fantasy is pretty common, dont beat yourself up over it. Just find someone safe and reliable, not cruise the streets or web for sex offenders. Thats down the wrong path and you could put yourself in danger.

    Its fine to do it, just do it safe. Have you ever shared your fantasy with your hubby? He might enjoy it too.
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    I think if you have a fantasy between consenting people and no one gets hurt then fantasy role play is fine. But obviously it goes without saying anyone who commits r ape for real should be shot on sight.

    I have a fantasy that a giant tongue is rimming my asshole while I suck the large brown beef curtains of nice moist quim.
    As the moist pussy squirts its hot love cream down my throat the tongue goes even deeper into my man cave.
    Just a fantasy folks. No need for any concern here. Take care turds. X
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    Also dont be deceived by porn. The men who will r**e you are not the models you see, they'll be unattractive and will not treat you like the girls in the films. They'll hurt you, for real maybe even kill you. Getting your pussy off is not worth your life. Find a way to indulge safely.
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    Ever since I first heard about r**e I've always wanted to her. Whenever I learn that it happened to someone I always feel envy. Getting r**ed is my oldest and strongest fantasy. I've done everything she's done and more to get r**ed.

    When I was really r**ed I hated him and it when it was happening. As soon as I was let go I felt really mixed. He got his but I wasn't finished and I wanted mine too. I delayed getting dressed hoping he'd want more. He didn't.

    I'm sorry I know it's horrible but I can't help how I feel. I wish non-violent r**e was WAY more common and legal. If there was a bar or place where that was legal I'd be a regular.

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