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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I am sure this subject has come up before, inviting another girl to have sex with us. We did this several times inviting girls we hardly knew but we figured were game for some fun. Then I invited a girl I knew from work and she was cool to the idea but after we talked about it another time she agreed. She had never done anything like that, in fact she had never been in a bed naked with another girl and wasn't sure how that was going to work. When it comes to sex I really enjoy being with another girl, it just feels good to me and it feels right, more so that having sex with a man. When I helped her get undressed I fell in love, if ever there was a girl that wax exactly what I had always dreamed of it was her. I couldn't wait to hug her and kiss her and make love with her. I didn't want to share her but our sex thing is he goes first and I go second, it has always been like that I get to have sex with the girl only after he has sex with her.

    It was nervousness or jealousy or just anticipation but while he was having sex with her I had a set of nerves that I couldn't control. Watching him penetrate her and penetrate her over and over again I felt like telling him enough, get off of her, leave her alone, but I knew I had to wait for him. When he finally finished with her and she was mine I held her for a long minute trembling at being able to hold her in my arms. I apologized to her for what he had done to her, I kissed her so many times. She wasn't ready for sex again, she had never had sex with another girl and didn't know what to do or what to expect. So I held her and gently touched her and massaged her boobs, something to show her that I wanted to have sex with her. She finally relented and let me kiss her and go down on her and while I was down on her I got fucked myself.

    The whole thing of having sex usually last around half an hour, it really doesn't go on that long it just seems that way. I asked her not to get dressed and to sleep naked with me. In the morning I asked her for a kiss and she was reluctant but she let me kiss her. I watched her get dressed and I had butterflies the entire time. We all went out to breakfast and he gave us our space but insisted on a hard grab of her butt when we were in line waiting to be seated. It hurt to watch that but he has always been an ass grabber and she wasn't any different. He saw me and grabbed me and pulled me over and kissed me and grabbed my butt. We sat at a table and he brought up several conversations which she followed but I couldn't get into the conversations.

    I tried making love with her that afternoon but she wasn't willing, the most she let me do was kiss her face. I was very frustrated so he took me and fucked me without taking my clothes off, a quick hard fuck but that didn't calm me down. Saying goodbye to her that night and watching her get on the train was like killing me and I wasn't interested in giving him sex that night but I know better than to say no to him.

    I tried inviting her again but she refused, she said she was not into so much girl sex and once was enough. I am just cannot get interested in inviting another girl to join us, it has been six months and he can only have sex with me, I don't want him even thinking about another girl. I cannot get over my friend from work, she is nice always, we have a special connection but she won't have sex with me. The most she will allow is a small kiss but then I get the arm and a stern that's enough. I have sworn my love to her, I have told her that if she wants me to choose I will go alone with her but nothing changes her mind. It hurts for her to tell me she is straight and tell me that all I can have is a kiss and I need to be satisfied with that. I just don't want to be the straight anymore, not when all I do is think about her all day.

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    There's a saying -- wanting something that you can't have. Seems to apply in this confession.

    But thanks for sharing...

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