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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Divorced after twenty three years I moved to another job with my company to change towns and get away from my ex-wife and all the drama around her. Our kids are in college so I thru with child support but of course I help my kids with their college expenses. I settled in, found a grocery store, a barber shop, a gas station, all the neighborhood services and for a pharmacy I settled on the CVS because of its location. I am only on medication for blood pressure and every month I went to get the refill and the pharmacist assistant was always nice and we had the proverbial two minute conversation.

    Then I ran into him at Starbucks on Saturday morning. At first it was hello and that's it but he came over and sat with me and I had no choice but to have a conversation. The long and short of it is he suggested, not asked bur really he asked, he suggested that maybe I wanted to try this seafood restaurant about ten mile away and he offered to drive. He drove a nice later model car and he was an obviously very experienced driver and we had lunch and after lunch he suggested, again it is not that he invited me, he suggested that if I wanted he would show me where he lived. At his place it was obvious that he lived alone, he showed me the place, the back porch, his garage and his collector car in the garage, we went back inside and he offered me a glass of wine, I don't drink wine but he didn't have any beer so I had to settle for a glass of wine.

    Siting there staring at each other he just came out and said he was gay and he wanted to show me how gay he was. He assured me that I didn't have to do anything, he would do the work and I would enjoy the results. Why not get naked, get in the hot tub. Why I followed I keep asking myself but I was naked in the hot tub with him and he was swimming over and grabbing my cock and swimming back and asking me if I wanted him to swim over under water. He swam over underwater and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me a couple of times really hard before having to come up for breath. This time he let himself sink onto his knees in front of me and he didn't let go of my cock which he gently stroked under water, dipping his head from time to time to take a long hard suck.

    He pulled himself out of the water and standing on the bench with a foot on either side of me he leaned forward offering he his cock to suck. He hit my face several times with his cock and when I opened my mouth he dropped it in and let me suck for a couple of minutes. He pulled his cock out and told me it was time to go upstairs and I would find out what men do together and he promised I would like it. He was inventive I guess, he used his hands and he made sure he kept me hard by stroking me and sucking me, he stayed hard and kept grinding against my leg or stomach or side, or against my cheek and letting me suck him. He took my face in his and said the coup de gras is to kiss and he kissed me and asked me if I was ready. He fucked me slowly at first, letting me get on my hands and knees but later asking me to get on my back and he fucked me keeping eye contact until he came.

    During the whole game, from the hot tub until he came with me I was in a world that I never knew. He definitely knew what to do, he was sure of himself but not overbearing, he gave me every opportunity to enjoy sucking him and once I got over being kissed he showed me how good that was. We see each other often, not that he is asking me out, he suggests that we get a hamburger, or drive downtown to go to the art fair, or go over to his house and enjoy the hot tub. We have sex, I am not uncomfortable any more and I do enjoy sucking his cock like he says and we do always finish with him fucking me. It is hard to explain but I look forward to it, its not sex unless we fuck.

    I did have a bit of a problem facing my kids but I cover it up pretty good and they don't know, they are into their college life. My ex who cares, she is dating a banker guy and he will learn what its like but not just yet, she is good at sex, but gets on your nerves after a while. In the meantime I get together with my Pharmacist friend when he suggests that we get together, which is often and I look forward to spending the weekend with him.

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    Good luck with the cum filled asshole

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