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    Straight Female / 26

    I went on a destination wedding as a guest for one of my sorority sisters to Hawaii, Maui actually. Everything was preset, she used a well known wedding planner, lots of guests, lots of fun. I am single, not married, never married as I am 26. This is her first marriage, I guess because everyone seems to have a first wedding and later a second marriage. During the reception I ended up dancing with a friend of mine, also female and a man sat at a table and watched us. It was to be honest pretty erotic for me, dancing for him like that. My friend caught on and we danced rather provocatively, enjoying the swoosh of our gowns around our legs and bending over and walking backwards in front of him to give him a look down our front. He sat at the table with his hand in his lap stroking himself through his pants.

    When the music stopped for a break my friend and I headed for the ladies room and when we came out our audience friend was waiting for us. He was up front about it and told us we really put on a show for him but if we really wanted to be nice to him why didn't we dance for him in his room, maybe we had a lot more to show him. He gave us his room number and gave me a key card to his room and said he was going upstairs and he was waiting for us. The first reaction of ours was to tell him to fuck off, but when we got back out to the reception it was boring, we didn't like the music and we talked and agreed and maybe we could get laid if we went up to his room.

    We knocked first and opened the door and he had moved the table out of the way and put the chair in the middle, he was in his shorts and when we came in he was stroking himself out right. There was a porn movie on the TV and two girls were going for it and he sat down and said 'let the show begin'. He put on some music over his phone using a small speaker, dance music and he asked that we take our time showing him our goods. While we danced and undressed he stroked his cock which was totally out of his shorts asking us to come over and kiss his cock as we danced and got undressed. The girls on the TV were kissing and sucking tits but they weren't licking each other yet so we started to kiss as we took off our dresses until we were totally topless making out for him. Somehow he avoided going off and we continued to dance and make out and slowly took off our panties until we were totally naked for him.

    He asked us to turn around and bend over and twerk for him while he held our hips and kissed our butthole with long hot tongue work and poked his fingers into us. He sent us to the bed to continue making out and lick each other, which is what the girls on the TV were doing, wide open legs and long tongues shooting in and out of a vagina. By then we were both pretty hot, I was getting to the point that I wanted him to just take a hold of me and get it over with but we continued to lick each other while he lay beside us and fingered us or kissed and licked our buttholes. I was no longer in control and I kept grabbing and hurting my boobs, I was dry humping up against my friend grabbing for his cock and asking him to put me out of my misery.

    Time came and he fucked on me for several strokes and then fucked on my friend for several strokes, he asked us to put our rears up for him and he licked our buttholes again before putting his cock up against our buttholes and making his way in until he was able to give us complete strokes and his balls slapped our butt cheeks. He was passing from her to me when he ran his cock deep in my butthole and he grabbed me hard and he came. Although the feeling was great it was anticlimactic, I wanted him to fuck my pussy and come in me there but I had to settle for getting my butt fucked. We sat there while he looked at us both frustrated that we hadn't been properly laid and settled into some slow and deliberate petting but we just could not get aroused. The girls on the TV had long since been done and the only thing on was a movie of some guy visiting his sister in the suburbs so we turned the TV off.

    We washed ourselves and him and I lay beside him playing with his cock until I was able to get him up again and pulled him onto me and let him fuck me the right way. As he got up he got his enthusiasm back and I did get properly fucked and finished, which is what I like. My friend had to settle for the fun of being there but never had him give her his cum. We went back to our room around four and we saw him again around eleven at the brunch. We had a hello and a short pat on the shoulder and he told me he enjoyed the night before and I should be a professional but he was glad I wasn't.

    I do remember the wedding, my first destination wedding, my friend and I still talk about it and she is still somewhat resentful that with all that went on she never actually got laid, but hey no one meant to hurt her feelings. We have tried to get enthused together but the mood isn't there. I keep in touch with him, and we are flirting about meeting him in Cabo later in the year. I sort of want to go, but I want to go alone.

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    If only this story was true. Licking a womans butt hole is absolutely delectable, I love doing it, especially from behind so I can get my tongue deep inside her puckered ring piece .
    I highly suspect a man wrote this bullshit , a fat slob of a man probably called Charles
    Who hasnt left the house for 23 years
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    short and sweet. I got stuck on a lay over in Miami and the lady beside me and me went to get a bite, when we were told that we had to lay over that night and we had picked up our vouchers we checked into our rooms and she gave me her room number and said come over. She received me still in her travel dress, she laid back on the bed and slowly lifted her dress to uncover her pantiles hairy pussy. Her legs opened slowly until she had them pretty wide open and she lifted them so that her feet were holding up her legs. I ate her pussy for a good long while, she just kept pumping out the juice and I kept slobbering it up, when I finally got ready to fuck her she opened her top to show me her tits and she let me plow right ahead. She was a forty something lady buyer for a fabric business from San Francisco on her way to Colombia and I was a businessman on my way to Colombia and we ended up fucking in Miami. In those days pussies weren't shaved clean and it wasn't customary to suck or fuck women in the ass. You just got lost in that hairy heaven and sucked her clit and you got clamped by her thighs when she had an orgasm, then you fucked her. Fuck them and leave them, she knew the rules. It was in a984 but I still remember that night like it was yesterday.

    Your truly Charles
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    I was at a friend's wedding that my husband refused to attend when I ended up hooking up with an older man there. I wasn't really attracted to him but I was pissed at my husband for not coming and this man was really naughty. The only thing that was messing with me was that we didn't use condoms and I wasn't on birth control. The pregnancy risk was a definite turn on but I didn't want to actually get knocked up so I made him cum in my hair. I had just seen "Something about Mary" and thought that was too funny not to try.

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