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    My growing up years were interrupted when my mother died of cancer and my father asked his sister to take care of us. I was fifteen at the time and I had a twelve year old sister. My aunt had two boys of her own, one was fourteen and the other one was eight. Because we had to move in my aunt put my sister and I in one room and she moved my younger cousin in with my older cousin which he resented. We really did get along well but there were also some bad days. I had to help my aunt with the big housework and my younger sister had smaller chores. The boys had no chores, they didn't even make their beds, we made the beds for them before going off to school.

    The day that things got out of hand with my cousin he and I were home alone and my sister and his brother were with my aunt at Sears buying shoes. I had done the laundry and I was folding the clothes while my cousin watched television and he found me folding my panties. He took a pair of my panties and ran it all over his face, smelling it in the crotch, they were clean but he smelled the crotch and said he could smell woman. I was embarrassed and tried to get my panties back from him but he didn't let me. I was pretty upset and he grabbed me and put me on my back on the living room rug and sat on me and held my face and moved it back and forth. He pushed himself back a bit and put his whole hands on my breasts feeling them like when you kneed bread. He didn't say anything he just squeezed and pressed his hands on my breasts and I just lay there quiet without saying a word.

    He got on his knees and crawled backwards and put his hands up under my school uniform and pulled my panties off. At first I tried to hold onto them but then just let him take them off. He pushed my skirt up over my waist and put his nose in my crotch and smelled deep and told me he had never smelled woman before and then he dug his mouth into me and started to lick and kiss me. A couple of times he lifted his head and asked me if I liked it and then he went back to kissing and licking me, he had found my vagina with his tongue and kept inserting his tongue in my vagina. I was very wet and he kept saying how much he liked it. He got up on his knees and undid his pants and lowered them, his penis was at full erection and he just laid down on me and fucked me right there on the living room rug.

    When he was done he got up slowly and pulled my skirt back down over my legs and asked me if I wanted him to kiss me. I said no, not really. I got my panties back and put them back on and I sat down to finish folding the laundry and he laid on the floor watching television and asked me to go get him a piece of cake and a glass of milk. I asked him if he wanted to eat his cake at the table or in the living room and he said to serve him at the table and I sat with him while he ate his cake.

    Unfortunately he got me pregnant and I was supposed to go back and live with my father but my aunt after getting over being upset thought it better that I stay with her, being pregnant and all. I was home schooled from then on using a correspondence course and I took care of my baby. We made love, or had sex, so many more times after that. I learned how to have sex on my hands and knees which he thought funny, but I couldn't let him lay on me when I got big. I loved him so much, as we grew older and we were able to set up our own household and have more children we found a sort of peace being together. In those days the man worked and the mother stayed home, had kids and cooked and cleaned. We were quiet but we had sex a whole lot, especially when we were young. Somedays it was fast and quick, get it in before dinner and other nights after the kids were asleep we had sex for an hour, we were regular bunny rabbits.

    Old age slowed him down but we still found time to get together and work on it, slowly and he was always willing to give me attention with his mouth. I know that he wished he could have given me the attention that he did when we first got started because back then, even when we were prohibited from 'seeing' each other we had sex sometimes two and three times a day. We lived together and our bedrooms were right next door and my sister just had to cover her head with the pillow. Oh it was so much fun, it hurts that he is no longer with me, only the memories but they are great memories.

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