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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Lets say I'm a mature, twice married, now divorced, typical guy next door type (or so you would think). Like most other guys, I have had my share of women. Had older sister so there were always undies somewhere, hanging on the shower rod, over the radiator, in the hamper, sometimes on the floor, so i was exposed to panties all the time. Discovered sexual attraction very young, experimented a bit, nothing too intense, you know, my best pal and I found a couple of nudie mags in the basement of our apt building, we were thrilled, then we found a black and white mag that showed full frontal, bush of course but there it was!! Had an older next door neighbor who wanted to teach me how to masturbate, that was fun. There were some very sexy married women in our building too, good jo material. Married young to the neighborhood slut which i happened to love about her.

    Even at such a young age the thought of other guys fucking her was a turn on. So, yes, I'm a bit of a perv and like some kink. Whenever i watched porn with my buds, it was the cum shot that turned me on more than anything else. Two marriages and 25 years later i found myself in a situation while hanging out with a friend of a friend. Yes, there was beer and porn on the tv. We talked about what was on screen, wives, girlfriends, sex in general and the room got hotter, it was like being 14 again, we decided to at least jerk off. then while on the bed, knees touch, stomach churning with that 'im turned on' butterflies in the stomach.....then we reached for each other's cocks, i was nuts with lust and got the balls to ask if i could try oral, he lay back, spread his legs, put his hands behind his neck and said, go for it. And did i!! I had never been that close to another cock in my life, i licked and sucked like it was my job!! When i felt his legs tense up and he started to moan i knew it was time, and im thinking, ok, now what the fuck do i do? i backed off a little and i could see the precum start to ooze, that got my heart beating faster, i tasted it, then i went back for more. Mmmmmm, i liked it, i liked it a lot. I was licking the underside of his head when he let go, still being unsure, i just kept licking as he came. i had cum all over my mouth and could def taste it. then i took it in and kept it in my mouth until it went soft. I could not believe i had actually done it. I gave a guy head!! Holy fuck, i just sucked a cock! i felt a bit uncomfortable and after ten minutes i left. So, now what do i do? This was a friend of a friend, very discreet so i was not worried about anyone find out about our little episode. I filed it away and figured i got that curiosity our of my system, now its back to c**t. But, i found myself thinking about it over and over.

    About 4 years later i was chatting with some dude on CL and after about three weeks decided to meet. No biggie, meet to chat and the guy was the type that gets off showing other guys nude wife pics. We meet, nice guy, chat a bit and he uses his ipad to start the pic show. Nice blond wife, good pics, fucking sucking, etc. Then he asked if i mind if her jerks off, i say go for it. he pulls out this 7 inch uncut beautiful cock! im nuts again with lust, i say, can i jerk it. he says ok, so im stroking his cock.Then i say, can i taste it? he says no, just jerk it. I figure no sweat. after another minute i ask again, this time he says ok, nice mouthful, and im sucking and he starts to moan, i back off and watch the precum ooze, fuck it, i go down and eat it. W were in a parking lot and all of a sudden, it got busy, headlights all over the place, no doubt, we had to stop.

    Anyway, over the last 15 years I have had 5 experiences with guys. I finally took a whole load about a year after the second guy and about 2 years ago hooked up with a local married guy with 7 inches uncut (really nide) and have blown him 5 times.

    While im stil very much into pussy and simply love the taste and smell of it, i cant stop thinking about sucking cock. And I'm actually in the hunt for the right person, someone sane, safe and hopefully pretty nice too.

    So, til the next one!!

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