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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I used to use craigslist frequently for hookups with both men and women. With men, I would usually just get a blowjob, I topped a few times as well. I found one guy, much older than me, probably 60 or so, and I was like 21ish. I went to his house probably 3-4 times, and man, he gave incredible blowjobs all the way til completion. I eventually ended up finding a chick, who was 29, and we talked for a couple weeks. I was excited to meet my first craigslist female! We met on a warm summer night at a local park, walked way back on the trail to a small area next to the river. We looked at each other, both a little hesitant to make the first move. We began making out, and I was getting hard pressing against her body. We laid down on the ground, she leaned on me, and I started rubbing her crotch. She took her bra off, and unzipped her pants. I started fingering her, and she was moaning and groaning loudly. While I was fingering her, she started to stroke my cock. After a bit, she laid me back and started giving me and amazing blowjob. After a couple minutes of staring at the stars, receiving great head, she had me put a condom on. She got on top, and slowly moved down on my dick. She rode me briefly, and then laid on her back, having me take over. I entered again, feeling her wet warmth. I fucked for a few minutes and was already close to cumming. I pulled out and waited a minute so I didn't cum. I'm always very considerate when it comes to that. Her pussy felt amazing though! I started thrusting into her again, and she had already came loudly a few times at that point, so I pulled out, and jerked it til I came all over the grass. She was impressed by my cumshot. We met two more times over the next few weeks, both outdoors, to fuck. Both of those times were just about as good as the first. For those next two meetings, she had me meet her at these trails, that sounded familiar. The guy who had sucked me previously, mentioned that we could meet there if needed when his wife was home. The girl also told me that her dad walked his dogs on those trails. The guy also said that's why he goes to the trails. I did a little facebook stalking, and saw that she has the same last name as the guy. I was fucking his daughter, a year or so after getting a blowjob from him! It blew my mind! That's one horny family lolol

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