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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    How I lost my girlfriend

    Some time ago she told me she was being bullied by this guy during school. I was really angry and wanted to go to him directly when she told me he had slapped her ass several times. I wanted to make him pay for that. I asked her best friends and got the information I needed and went to him some days later. I went to his house.

    When he opened the door, I realized I was in the wrong place. He was muscular black guy around 2m high(which was at least 20cm taller than I) and pretty intimidating. He looked at me and welcomed me inside. His brother who looked very similar to him was there as well.

    I told him why I was there, of course not saying that I was looking for a fight, just wanting to find a solution and a safe way out of his house. I told him that he had to stop annoying my gf but he laughed at me. He came near me caught my face with one hand and said:

    -I'm Jamal, I do what I want you fucking cuckold.

    I was afraid and didn't know what to do. I tried to free myself but my effort was in vain. He gave me a beating and said I had to beg him to stop. I did, but after that he said I had to pay for annoying him and hit me again. He said that I had to pay by making him forget this bad moment I caused him to experience. I had to do that by serving him. I knew where this was going, but was to afraid to do anything. He made me sign a contract which he quickly wrote to accept being his "sex-slave" for the day. Could do nothing, so I signed. I was ordered to take his pants down and I did in fear. He made me lick his underwear. I could do nothing but submit. He was too powerful. He took his underwear out and slapped me with his cock. I was his bitch now. His brother joined. I was the cream of a Oreo biscuit sucking two black big cocks. It was so difficult for me to accept the reality in the beginning but then I gave in and started to enjoy it. All the sissy porn I had watched came to me mind and I felt feminine. I was submissive, humiliated but I was loving it somehow. My mouth was full and they were moaning. I was rock hard and excited. I thought of nothing but the big black cocks, just like hypnotized. They both came in my mouth and I had to swallow the milk. After that they were willing to let me go. After reconsidering the situation I realized that I would never get the chance again. So I stood up and hit them both. They came back to me and hit me hard also told me that I had to pay more. I guess I got what I wanted. They stripped me and fucked me 2 ways (mouth and ass) until all of us came. They kept me there fir the whole day and repeated the act several times. My ass was ruined, my virginity lost and my mouth full of cum... I was a slut for bbc now. My gf left me because of a video she got from Jamal but it didn't matter. I went to Jamal again and confessed that I wanted to be his sissy slut. From that day I have been Jamals pet and have become very feminine. I'm nearly a bimbo now as Jamal calls me. I love my daddy and his friends. It's true.. white little cocks should be left unused. A real cock is black and only black makes you be a sissy for life.

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    Definitely written by a 'spear chucker'.
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    Written by someone who obviously likes to suck on and swallow the cum from a big black cock.
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    Yes, I do love sucking bbc now.
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    Im Jamal........3 piece to the chest. Difference between men and little boys.
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    #4 you think you are a man?

    There are some men who have lost their ex girlfriend to some other men and they tend to warn people about certain things. You are not one of them. You do not warn anyone, you tell fantasies of how you would like to act. You can't warn anyone because you do not have any experience of female friends.

    Your hate to black men and all the other people who have experiences of sex makes it sound like you have "lost" your highschool female crush to some real man and now, being a complete loser without any friends, you are imagining all kinds of revenge fantasies.

    If you are to kill someone, it tells everyone that you are afraid of something. You are afraid that all the other men are more manly than you can ever be that is why you choose not to fight, because you can't fight. You are more sissy than the OP, because you are sissy in real life, when OP is just a fucking liar and everything happens in his head.

    You are dangerous to the society and thanks to all the bullshit you have written here for the past six months, it just makes it more clear what a inexperienced loser you are. Have fun with your hand.

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