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    Sexual fantasies!

    What is the problem with some people?

    The introduction to this website clearly explains at the very outset that some of the stories may be fantasy narratives. Many of these stories are very erotic. Do they have to be real to be arousing?

    It is called fiction folks! You can go to any bookstore and find books that are fiction. There is a whole genre of "romance" novels that are fiction, yet still very popular.

    I come here to write and read erotic fantasy, and yes I do get off a bit. Frankly, it is better that I write about my fantasies, rather than act upon them.

    If you think that I am a sicko, than that is your problem. After all, you are here reading these stories yourself. Get a life!


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    stop whining like fag bitch.
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    People have no problem with fantasies. This is a confession site, so by all means, confess your fantasies.

    People are happy to be able to disquss about your fantasies if you are honest about them and admit that those are fantasies only. When you do not appreciate people enough by telling lies to them, what do you expect will happen? Of course they will be upset. It is not a rocket science.
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    Are you getting that much negative feedback?

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