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    Straight Male / 48

    I remember the most exciting day of my life, the first time I made love to my mother. I was 50 yrs. old , mom 73.
    mom and me always had a relationship where we could tell each other things that were happening in our life. mom lived
    along and i would either phone or go by to visit her approx. once every 2 weeks. it has been 3 weeks when I stopped by to see her. and as usual she would be glad to see me. as we sat and talk about things in general, I notice her dress being shorter than usually . I commented that that this was the first time I had ever noticed her fine shapely legs. she said I guess you don't remember the time when you was young, you would rub my legs and your little teeny thing would get so hard, I asked how old was I, she stated between 4 and 5. we both laughed. I said what about you, did it have any effect on you? she said what affect could a 4 yr. old have on me. I asked her has she had any lately, she said no! have you? I said no!! she responded by asking me if I wanted some, I said yes before her question really had sunk in. the conversation went silent for what seemed like 10 minutes. I was ashamed of my answer, so I asked do you want some, she nodded her head in affirmation in a lowly hoarse voice said if you really want to. I reach for her hand and pulled her tightly toward me and kissed her on the lips her tongue shot out entering my mouth intermingling with my tongue. my hands reached for her rounded ass while raising her dress up to her waist. in one motion sliding down her panties. not wanting to waste anytime before she might changed her mind. I laid her down on the sofa on her back she spread-ed her legs I could see the pink walls of her pussy she was so moist i had no problem penetration my dick into the swollen lips of her pussy all of the way down to the mouth of her womb. with her legs clamped around my ass our thrush in rhythm-ed with each hand beneath her ass raising her off of the couch where her pussy was at the base of my dick my balls touching her asshole . we fucked for at least 30 minutes in that position before her nails dug into my back slight biting my tongue whispering that she was about to cum I shot a stream of cum in her enough to fill a shot glass.

    that was the first time after that we fucked we fucked off and on for the next eight years until she was 81 years oldthe last time was as good as the first time no regrets!!

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