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    Straight Female / 29

    Some years back, I had a night out with some girl friends and ended up at a party with just one of the group we were with. I was fairly tipsy by the time she introduced me to a really good looking guy, and straight away we hit it off.
    Long story short, we ended up having sex back at his place having taken a ten minute taxi ride.
    The sex was just the best sex I've ever had. From sucking on his huge cock, him licking out my pussy and arsehole, to him fucking me in so many different positions which had me orgasming all over the place. Then with a massive orgasm having jst ripped through me, he penetrated my arsehole and fucked it over and over again until I was squirting from the intensity of the multiple climaxes he drove me to.
    Eventually he came deep inside my backside, but instead of rolling off me, he sank down and tongued my rear hole, at the same time massaging my clit with his fingers. Licking my arse that way until I orgasmed again and again.
    We slept, had more sex and then slept again. Waking up just before dawn, he had me mount his already erect cock and I rode him vaginally and anally driving us both to orgasm at the same time.
    Before I left his place, I went down on him sucking on his cock and balls, making sure when he came I let his cum swirl around my mouth. Before I could swallow all of it, he kissed me and we exchanged some of his cum into his mouth. It was so erotic knowing he was tasting himself, I actually climaxed as we kissed.
    Returning home as I watched everyone setting off to work and school, I smiled at myself thinking I was going to meet him the following night.
    Only he didn't turn up.
    In September last year (2018), I married my boyfriend/fiance of three years. Everyone of his family was there, as well as my own, except his younger brother, who I'd not even seen a photo of. My husband told me he'd kind of fallen out with his family, when he'd gone into the army to escape a broken heart/relationship.
    Two weeks ago I met my husband's brother for the first time, when he just turned up out of the blue. Only it wasn't the first time I'd met him. Scott was the very same guy who'd I'd had the best sexual time of my life with, and that's still the case.
    It turns out Scott had two weeks before we met at the party, signed up for the army. This was after he had found his girlfriend in bed with my husband, his brother. Both my husband and Scott's girlfriend were blind drunk, and from what I now know, not a great deal happened between them.
    We instantly recognised each other, and Scott to his credit said absolutely nothing. He did however say something when my husband went out of the room to get them both a beer. Scott told me, I was still the most horny woman he'd had sex with, and that he remembers our night so vividly.
    Over the past fortnight, we've not really said much as he's stayed with us, but I did catch him speaking to someone the other day on his mobile. Scott was telling the person he'd love to get me in bed again, saying I looked even better than I did years before. He also told whoever it was, that he should fuck me and carry on fucking me, knowing I'd enjoy his cock far better than his brothers. Before he ended the call, I walked in and he didn't even bat an eye lid. Telling the person on the other end of the call "She's here now, see you later".
    Scott knew I'd heard him, but didn't seem concerned at all. We might not have said much to each other these past two weeks, yet we have flirted a lot by allowing one another to see each others sex. Each time I see Scott now, my pussy gets wet and my arsehole aches for his erection.
    We both know we shouldn't be thinking of doing anything. But with my husband going to France in the next week or so for two days, I'm not sure I won't find myself in bed with the best lover this girl has ever had sex with.

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    welp tell us what happens

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