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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 48

    First off it is cold outside. I am alone most of the time, other than when my sister comes to visit. I live in a small town, the town we grew up in and I live in my parent's old home. I married when I was young and got divorced when I was young, never had children, worked at my parent's flower shop in town and they left it and the house to me when they passed away. The only sexual experience I have had was that short time I was married and then I thought it was too much but now I realize that it was not enough. I just could not do it so he divorced me and I blamed him. As I have spent these many years alone I have found that I can enjoy myself, with myself and I travel from time to time to the city and I have purchased a selection of pleasure toys, creams, clips, plugs, videos. I have found several chat rooms where I can act out my fantasies posing as either young or old, divorced or married, I can carry on the conversation that the other chat partner wants to hear, I can be as young and innocent or the slut if that is what he wants. I presume it is a he, but it could be a she, he could be young or he could be old, she could be a lesbian or like me pretending to be. It is fun and with the help of some of my toys I can spend an hour or so and just enjoy myself.

    But, I would like to try for real. My fantasies go from something naughty with a man on a train, to something scary with a man in a stairwell, to something erotic a young woman who wants to feel the slip of a hot tongue between her legs. I read a lot of fiction, erotic stories, some true or seem to be true and some so false but so erotic that I can't get enough pleasure because they end so soon. That is how I came across this site, to me when I read the various accounts I imagine them to be true, some truly are, others are true in the mind of the woman that wrote them. So it that I confess to have written from time to time, always about lesbian encounters, they are the most erotic to me, always about finding themselves sharing their feelings or their bodies in the quiet of the night, in a room at their grandmother's house, or at the beach on holiday, woman to woman, pressing their secret against each other praying that they were big enough they could penetrate their partner, only to end up in the frustration that penetration is not for them.

    But truths do happen and my truth is that I did have an encounter with a young woman when I was young, before I got married. We were high school girls, our school was small and we were paired in class for a history project. At that time there were no computers so we used the Encyclopedias at the library or in this case at my home, my parents were big on those things and they had the Encyclopedia Britannica proudly displayed in our living room. That is where she and I did our research. She smelled so nice, she was so pretty, her hair was black and long and her skin was porcelain and her eyes were blue, her hands were so soft and perfect and she wore this ring that her grandmother had given her for her fourteenth birthday. I sat close to her to smell her, she moved and I moved until she just sat there and let me sit close to her and feel her body heat against mine. From time to time sitting beside her I would just kiss her cheek and she would turn and stare at me and I would control myself from kissing her lips. All I thought about was her, at breakfast, when I prepared my lunch for school I took her a treat, if she needed to have her hair combed I combed it for her, straighten out her shirt or fix her face and when we got together to study I sat beside her, my shoulder touching her, and from time to time leaning my breast against her back as I looked over her shoulder. I didn't read erotic stories at the time, I just felt this heat and this desire to be with her and she let me, never really pushing me away.

    We were on the floor of the living room, side by side, reading the Encyclopedia while she turned the page slowly to make sure I had caught up with her, and she kissed my cheek like it was just the most normal thing to do. I kissed her cheek and we looked at each other and our lips touched and we had the longest sweetest kiss I have ever had, her lips were hot and moist the so sweet to me, we closed our eyes and just kissed. When our kiss ended, she rolled over on her back and let me get on her and put my hand on her breast and kiss her some more. She lay there as my hands went up and over her breasts several times, down over her stomach and her crotch and her thighs, back up to her crotch and she let my hand separate her legs as we kissed. As I put my hand in her skirt and under the panties she put her arms around my neck and we kissed and she let me touch her right there. We spent the afternoon on the floor, with the sunlight in the room, kissing and touching and feeling everything, her hands touching me and my hands touching her. We had been reading in the Encyclopedia about homosexuality and lesbians, not about our history project and that day we gave ourselves in reckless abandon. It would be many more days and other encounters before we dared to slip our panties off and feel a hot tongue darting between our legs. We were lovers, we were in love and we stayed in love for the longest time.

    Marriage separated us, I went to my marriage bed crying and she went to her marriage bed resolute. I kept my husband at a distance but she submitted to her vows and became pregnant and had three children. I was set free eighteen months after I got married, I just could not be with a man. She stayed married and raised her family and when we get together, when we work on joint projects at church, when we see each other at a birthday party, people see that we are childhood friends. We are. For me I never stopped loving her and I have to find escape with toys and voyeur experiences and from time to time an accidental arranged encounter in the city with a lesbian woman to slip her hot tongue between my legs, but I never speak out to anyone, except my childhood friend, my one and only love. I sit beside her and sneak a kiss to her cheek, she turns to look at me with those unapproving eyes, but what can I do? I love her, I tell her I love her, she says "I know and I love you too".

    Some stories are variations on the theme, others are totally untrue, but this one is true, this one is the story of my love, this one tells you why after all these years I am single and never married again, I cannot have a man beside me, I do not want his heat, I don't want him to touch me, I don't want the smell of a man. I just want to be near her, to help her with her family, to help babysit her grandkids, to share time together, to be her best friend and to smell her hair and feel her close to me. That is all. I wish I didn't have to escape into fantasy, I long for her touch, for her smell, for the feel of her tongue darting in between my legs.

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