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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    As relatively young as I was, I was still the best cock sucker he'd ever had. Or that's what he told me. Before school, sometimes during school hours and definitely after school, we'd meet up and I'd suck him off. He always power fucked my mouth and I always swallowed his load, taking every inch of his enormous cock down my throat.

    Anal didn't happen until I finished school. But when I say finished, I mean literally the day I finished school. We waited until everyone had gone and in my old classroom, I sucked his dick until it was throbbing. I then leant over my old desk with my bare ass showing, as he eased his lotion covered cock up my asshole. It felt awesome after such a long time wanting it to happen, and within minutes he was fucking me for real.

    Cumming first from his thrusts so deep inside my ass, he then told me he was about to cum. I told him I wanted his cum inside of me, and then felt the rush of hot semen flooding into my bowels. I was totally at piece with him fucking me and totally enthralled about being his sex partner.

    We met anywhere and everywhere after that, fucking each and every time. And every time it just got better and better. Then as he and I were having sex in his car near the dam, we were caught by security. Within days our liaisons were ended and my father visited him. He moved away immediately battered and bruised and my life was left empty and devoid of the man I truly loved.

    Life, marriage and a career followed. I knew my old ways were gone and I also knew I'd hurt my father. That no longer matters now, nor does the stigma of it all. Even if my dad shielded me from most of it. What does matter, immensely to me, is how society judged us, or more the point him. You see I was the instigator, I was the one who wanted him. I was the one who chased his cock and his beautiful athletic body.

    The reason I'm here ?. He's back in my life after attending the funeral of my father, the funeral where my wonderful ex wife finally understood why I wasn't totally happy without him. She's a good person, a damn good person and she knows I'm grinning and loving again with joy.

    He's forty six now, and just as fit as he was back then. He's also just as horny and hard too. Something I'm now enjoying on a daily basis, as we make love in our own home.

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    Congratulations! I am so happy for you,

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