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    I grew up in a small town in a small catholic country. Our family owned the small hotel and restaurant in town and my grandfather had been mayor and my father was mayor at that time. We had one Catholic church and we attended the Catholic school. Everyone knew each other, everyone knew each other's younger and older brothers and sisters. Everyone each other's parents and grandparents. It was a small town.

    My cousin who was in the second year of secondary school told me that she knew of a girl who was the girlfriend of the Nun that taught social studies. She said that her friend told her everything and she told me in great detail what the girl did with the Nun. It would be many years later that I would learn that my cousin was the girl but I never knew at that time. I apologized to her and she told me not to worry about it, she wasn't the only one and if that is why she liked to be with girls or maybe because she liked to be with girls the Nun picked her, on one will ever know. I didn't know until that day that I apologized to her that she liked to be with girls.

    My cousin liked to tease me, tell me stories about what she did with girls, what felt good to do and what she sometimes had to submit to. But one thing was always the same, she loved to kiss girls, she is and always has been very romantic. We were at university at the time and she let me meet her girlfriend. She was from another town and they lived in the same student house. If you walked down the street you would never guess that either girl would be like other girls. But they did and they proved it to me by kissing right in front of me. It was from my cousin and her stories and her telling me what she liked that she taught me what to do.

    I met this girl at a party. She was from another town, her parents were Italians just like us, she had something about her and after several times going out with her I was able to convince her to go with me to this small hotel close to the university, it was well know for taking girls there. The room was small and there was only a bed and a small washroom. She told me I was crazy she wasn't a whore and she left. The next time I convinced her to be alone with me was after a party and we went out into the gardens and she let me kiss her. I let my hands find her shirt buttons and unbuttoned her shirt and she let me kiss her breast. The third time I invited her to the movies and I had rented a room at a nice hotel and after the movies I took her there and she let me take off her clothes and make love to her. I did everything my cousin told me about, things my cousin had told me that felt good to girls.

    I had finally at the age of 21 lost my virginity. The first person I told was my cousin. She laughed and told me that if I had wanted to lose my virginity why hadn't I told her, that was what she was for. My cousin found another girl, she was the daughter of a doctor and lived at home with her parents. That made it difficult for them to get together. My cousin asked me to take her out, her parents would let her go out with me and that way I was able to let my cousin and her friend get together. More than once I rented a room at that hotel where I made love for the first time. Only this was for my cousin and her girlfriend.

    We graduated from university and it was time to get married and I asked my girlfriend and she agreed and we had a traditional wedding. We invited my cousin and her girlfriend and I made arrangements for them to see each other on our wedding night. My wife and I stayed very close to my cousin and her girlfriend, as we grew up they kept their relationship pretending to be good friends and my cousin lived with us and her girlfriend lived with her parents. For many of us, we all knew they were together but it wasn't something you could talk about. My wife was very close to my cousin and our home was a safe place for them to be together.

    It was sometime later, when I was in my forties that a friend of mine from my school days told me that he joined the Opus Dei. This was very religious and he told me that he had wanted to be a priest but his parents had said no. He also told me that he was gay. It doesn't matter how much you want to act normal, you can't. I didn't know what to say, I knew my cousin was a gay woman, but him gay? And he wanted to be a priest and he joined the Opus Dei? He told me not to worry, he wasn't alone. Today it doesn't surprised me, but then it did.

    My son is gay, he is in New York and he works for a shipping company. It was my cousin who helped us. We live in Miami now and there are gay people everywhere, but it is different when your son tells you he is gay, especially that he is gay and he is the boyfriend not the man. I have not yet come to accept that he is gay, I never had to accept that my cousin was gay, it just wasn't something that bothered me that she loved another girl and my wife and I did everything we could for them to be together. It does bother me that my son likes a man and to tell the truth I don't like him. I prefer that I never see him. It bothers me that my school friend is gay and he is in the Opus Dei.

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