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    I turned 27 yesterday. I have a college degree, my mother died this year, I have a sister and a brother and I sleep with a married man. Everything else everyone understands, but not that I sleep with a married man. He says his wife doesn't know. I want to tell her, I want her to know.

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    you wanna keep sleeping with him? then dont tell his wife.. He'll probably drop you for crossing that line... on the other hand (a looong shot of course) maybe you'll be in 3some if you do
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    keep your mouth shut c**t
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    You only have one option.
    Ignore #1 & #2.
    Be honest with him.
    Tell him you want her to know but don't want to screw up what you have with him.
    Would he like a 3-some and could he convince her to do one?
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    Look, neither you nor he knows if his spouse is aware of his extramarital activities or not. Many [wives] know and just tolerate due to it being mainstream. Many know well how to disguise their intelligence too\. So you may as well just leave well enough alone & if you're not sure, just pretend that she knows. You have absolutely NOTHING to gain by telling her and it is definitely in NO ones best interest for an immature girl like you to be starting trouble.

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