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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    True confession:

    We live on the north east cornor of a sky rise condo with ocean and intercostal views. I exercise (power walk) the ocean every work-day mornings with my wife. On Saturdays I cross the intercoastal bridge to a park on the northwest side of the intercostal known for gay activity in the wooded area by a 2 block long drive into the park from the highway. Wooded areas on both sides of that drive have paths with ocasional activity. At the end of the drive is the parking area, 2 fishing piers into the intercostal and a bathroom. Loads of benches and sitting areas on the end are a frequent place for locals unaware that the wooded area is providing gay activity.
    I walked over early on a Saturday morning where I sit on a bench as the sun came up. There were a number of people fishing and a few runners/joggers around the parking lot and drive into the park. The parks north side ends at a causeaway drawbridge, which means the only entrance and exit to the park is via the driveway or through the woods between the driveway and highway. On the left side (east) of the 2 block drive are trees, sea gr**es and undergrowth which hides a large open soccer/football field between those woods and borders on the intercostal with a line of trees with view of the water - north of the parking lot.
    There is a trail on the edge of the trees and intercostal providing shore line fishing for those who desire to walk the 2 blocks...ending at caruseway bridge. That morning I decided to walk the path before heading home as the sctivity seemed to be limited to fisherman and joggers. Once I reached the end of the path I stopped to watch some boats crusing south under the draw bridge. When the bridge had closed I turned behind me looking through some trees to the north end of the the soccer/footbal field. I decided to walk through the trees to the north end of the field, the woods by the road taking a new shortcut to the entrance/exit.
    Having never taken this route as I approached the edge of the trees I noticed a concrete building, which housed a pump for faucets, a water fountain and shoverower. The building is maybe 2 x 5 feet about waist high with a slanted roof. The shower is maybe 10 feet from the pump and the water fountain is on the other wide of the pump house. The top of the pump house is solar panels and in the right side of the pump house is a pipe, on the outside, with a faucet about 28 inches from the ground...I think to water animals. On the backside of the pump house (facing the north east woods and intercostal) is another pipe on the outside which goes to about a foot over the top, turns out with a faucet.
    As I approached the pump house from out of the trees I noticed 2 legs up in the air on each side of the water pipe with their feet back over a head. I walked quietly and realized the water was on and that faucet was pouring water directly onto the up-turned ass of a man. He was jacking his dick to the pleasurre of water pouring hard from that faucet directly onto his hairy ass hole. I stood in awe as a very well built man was enjoying himself with the facuet water poundding his ass.
    I mean he was getting into it big time when he opened his eyes, tilted his head looking back and saw me stnading there observing his kinky ritual. Rolling his feet back over his head and with his hands pushing himslef up with his back to me. That is when I realized he was very tall, muscular, hairy and when he turned with his hand over his hard on, he was handsome as hell and youner than me. He began to apologize as he reached down for his shorts and tank top. I said, "don't stop because of me. This is a new wrinkle in my hat, but you were enjoying yourself, so resume your postion and I will be your look out." He stood speechless and frozen for a minute or two, so I pushed my shorts down and begab stroking me semi hard cock.
    He laid back down strategically placing his hips on the side of the pump house with his legs over his head and adjusted his ass until the water was, once again, pounding on his ass. He asked is I wanted a blow job or rimm job and if I did to strip his the shower, as it was hot and I Was I did. Then I go back kneeling beside his head and he took my cock into his mouth. The water, which was warm is now bouncung off his ass splashing on my side. Then he said, kneel over my face so I can tongue fuck your ass, which I did to the best rimm job of my life. After a few minutes I laid over his face and fucked his mouth white washing his tonsils. This guy was moaning like a whore on Saturday nigh and my cock was still hard, so I bent down and took his cock into my mouth with water splashing all over my head and he blew no sooner than the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth. I slipped my tank top on and my shorts and when I turned around he was half way across the north end of the soccer/football field naked, with his shorts and shirt in his hand headed to he woods and a short cut out of the park.
    I thougt that must be one hell of a turn on, so I stripped took his position with the water pounding me ass and it felt good but did not effect me like it did him even thought I did jekr off in that postion. Different stroke for different folks. I've been back many Saturday and Sunday mornings and never saw him again. Last Sunday night my wife and I were in a restaurant and I saw him, his wife and kids. I had an instant boner as we shared eye contact and a wink or two. I will be at the pump house when the sun somes up in the morning.

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    Why do you disgusting gays have to go about your sexual activity in places where familys like to walk or picnic. Why cant you fuck off inside your houses or hotels like normal people- you make me sick.
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    #1 Nudity is legal in our town and this park is across the causeway from south FLorida's world famous Atlantic Ocean Nude Beach: Haulover. Since nudity is pemitted in designated areas, signs at the entrance of every path through the Woods and at the entrace to the park read : "If NUDITY OFFENDS YOU DO NOT ENTER" There are no families in this park.

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