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    Straight Male / 50

    Not sure what category this goes in, but here goes: My wife who is 60 years old like me, is very quiet and conservative, wears glasses and would never do anything to draw attention to herself. But when we have sex, she moans, and cries out, yells and swears, and when she cums, her face turns deep red and it becomes contorted with passion. I love watching her go through this transformation from shy wife to out-of-control, horny lover. I will hold back on cumming, just so I can watch her while we fuck. Sometimes we will have sex for nearly an hour, and she will cum a dozen times, each time yelling, groaning, her face contorted, eyes rolling back, enjoying each orgasm more than the last one.

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    My wife is the same way, mild-mannered grandma by day and a wanton slut in bed when you get her going. She screams, moans, and thrashes about when she climaxes. One of the little tricks I have picked up to get her even crazier--manually massage her clit and when she climaxes, press it tightly to her pelvis.

    It's like clamping down on your cock, it throbs like crazy and tried to push the blood up into the clit, but it's smashed tight--she screams, squeals, and goes crazy all at the same time--a screaming squeal is a great thing!

    As she is screaming I tease her a bit--I tell her, "Come on, let the neighbors hear how big of slut you are." She screams even louder! (We do not have neighbors close enough to really worry about, but I wonder I the closest ever hear her.)

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