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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I have been masturbating since i was a kid, but my first sexual experience with something other than my right hand occurred when i was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. Paul and I had been friends since we were in kindergarten together. We had been in the same class, played on the same little league teams and later on the same high school baseball team. Hell, we had played in the same sand box and shared our toy soldiers. Paul and his family lived on the same block as my family and our moms were good friends. Our dads were on the same bowling team and our families often spent weekends at their cottage near Port Austin, and Paul and I had even spent entire summer vacations there with his mom. My mom and dad would come up on weekends as would Paul's dad, and then the rest of the summer Paul and I palled around together; I was an only child. Paul had an older sister but she had little to do with us, and would spend her time with the cottage friends she'd developed friendships with over the years.

    I was a horny kid growing up and would typically beat off 2-3 times a day. The masturbation was something i hid from the world, a very private, personal activity that I reserved for those moments when i was either in my room or in the bathroom, alone. My parents never talked about sex and everything i learned about it was learned on the streets and alleys of Detroit, my home town. I had hidden in the shadows and watched couples fucking in their bedrooms through windows, had seen men expose themselves and even relieve themselves in the alley behind our home, and had even watched as a hooker knelt in a friend's backyard and sucked off a strange man.

    Paul's parents were not as hung up regarding sex as mine. Paul's mom was squat, heavy woman, no taller than 5' weighing close to 300 lbs. She had oily long brown hair and gray eyes, never wore makeup of any kind, and was known to smoke funny little green cigarettes on occasion. She would spend her days either in moo-moo sarong-like dresses, or wearing an old blue-green terry cloth robe, at least while she lounged about the house. Outside of the house it was still moo-moo dresses and other hippie affectations: beads, necklaces with peace sign pendants or the letters L-O-V-E.

    When I masturbated as a kid, it was always fantasizing about women, never guys. But that changed when we got to junior high. I think it was the sight of all of those naked penises, flopping this way and that in the gym locker room and shower room. Long ones, short stubby ones, fat ones, skinny ones, cut ones, uncut ones, straight ones, curved ones, black and brown and pink and even yellow ones, hairy ones and hairless ones, soft, semi-hard and even stiff ones. Cocks for all seasons and tastes. I became fascinated with what guys had between their legs: their cocks and their balls. Slowly this fascination filters into my fantasies so that it wasn't being naked with only women that i would see in that private screening room stirring in my mind as i would go about the task of beating my meat, but increasingly the thought of my licking guy's balls and sucking their cock. Of course, I kept these hidden desires, these fantasies hidden from the world around me, but hidden or not, they were always there, flickering inside of me.

    That summer, the summer of my 13th year, when I saw Paul naked, as i have dozens of times before, suddenly I focused on his cock and balls. His cock was smaller than mine, and not as thick, but it was hairier than mine. His balls were in a tight sac immediately below his cock, while mine hung down more. I watched him running around on a private beach near their cottage, both of us naked as jaybirds, soaking in the sunshine, running in and out of the cool green waters. I watched as his cock flopped up and down and left and right as he ran, and i could feel my cock becoming erect, painfully erect, so that I stayed in the pond hoping, praying that it would pass so that I could run back out of the water and onto the beach. But the damn thing had a mind of its own and it arched higher and higher until it was almost perpendicular, pointing to the blue cloudless sky above us. Paul wondered why the hell i was just standing there in wager up to my chest and not playing. I just stared at him, unable to come up with any explanation, and then suddenly, like an epiphany, Paul realized that i was hiding an erection, and it even dawned on him that my attraction to him was not only that of one pal with another, but something else, something nameless, something we had never discussed.

    That evening as we lay in our beds in his room. Paul asked about what had happened earlier that day. "When you were standing in the pond it was because you had a stiffie and you didn't want me to know, wasn't it?" I stared at him, and then could feel my head nodding, my cheeks and ears flushed red with shame. "And it was watching me that got you hard, wasn't it." Again, i nodded, speechless, mortified, my secrets being exposed. Paul was silent for a time, and I thought he'd gone to sleep, when suddenly he threw his sheet off of him and sat down on the edge of his bed. We were both wearing pajama shorts and t-shirts. The pajama shorts had two buttons over the crotch in front, and depending how you sat, the opening there was such that you cock was either partially exposed or even slipped through the opening. It was dark in the room but there was a nightlight and i could see that Paul's cock was erect and jutting thought he opening, and i immediately became fully erect. "Do you think of me when you jack off?" Paul asked. It was the first time he'd ever raised the subject of jacking off and i was shocked. "It's alright if you do," he added, flustering me even more. I stared at his cock, which was throbbing in the warmth of the bedroom, and I wanted to suck it even more. How can you share such a desire with your best friend, with a kid you had shared a sandbox with in kindergarten? But then suddenly like a river breaking through a dam, the words rushed out of me. "Paul, I'm so sorry, but I was thinking of sucking your cock and that's what got me hard. . . And that's what's got me hard now," I said, pulling the sheet off of me so that he could see my cock pushing hard against my pajama bottoms. Paul stood up and undid his pajama bottoms so that his cock slapped up against his lean hard stomach. "Youâre not the only one thatâs hard, Steve. Look at me." But i was already looking, mesmerized by the sight of his throbbing cock, the head reddish and glistening, bobbing up and down as if responding to c cadence only his cock could hear.

    I got up and took the two steps to where he stood. "If you want to suck it, go ahead," Paul whispered and then i knelt in front of him and brushed my lips against his cock before opening my mouth and engulfing his glistening cock head between my lips so that it slid against my tongue. It tasted somewhat salty, somewhat musky. I then began bobbing my head up and down his shat in the manner that Iâd seen the hooker suck dick, and Paul began moaning, gasping, and i continued sucking him and playing with his tight balls until moments later i felt his cock spasm and he sprayed cum into my mouth and against the wall of my throat. His cum tasted very musky. I slurped it greedily, swallowed it, before licking his cock head clear and kissing it. He stood above me, his cock quickly losing its erection. "That was incredible," Paul said. I was pleased at having given him such pleasure. The taste of his cum was strong and it lingered in my mouth as he sat back on the edge of his bed. I crawled over to him and began sucking him again, this time taking longer, feeling his cock slowly stiffening, lengthening in my mouth. This time as Paul came closer, he placed his hands on the back of my head and at first gently and then more roughly began fucking my mouth with cock until he came a second time, his load lighter this time, but tasting about the same. After his second cum, Paul got back into his bed and I waited there kneeling by his bed. "I'm going to get some sleep. We can do this again tomorrow." And then he turned to his left and fell asleep, as I crawled back to my bed and did likewise.

    The following morning, we were up early. Paul asked if I had thought about what we had done the night before, and i said that I had. He asked me if I wanted to suck him again, and i did. He rolled over on his back and shuck off his bottoms revealing his erection. I lay down between his legs and began sucking his cock again. As I did so, Paulâs said, "Lick my balls, Steve." And i removed my mouth from his cock and began licking his balls. "Suck them." Paul gasped, and dutifully, I took them into my mouth and began sucking on them. It didn't take Paul long as he spurted his juices into my face, so that I had his cum in my eyes, on my cheeks and even dripping from the end of my nose. "God, that felt great," he said. And gain, I felt like the dog that's received his master's praise. I wore my ability to sexually please him as a badge of honor.

    After that I would suck Paul, two and three and four and even five times a day. I sucked him at night in bed of course, but also in every other room in their cottage when his mother would go into town leaving us alone. The sucking was always one-sided: it was always me sucking Paul. He explained it to me one day as we sat naked after I had sucked his cock and been rewarded with a mouthful of his cum. "You see, Steve, it's like you are the woman and Iâm the man." And that was okay with me. I never asked him to suck me, never even fantasized him sucking me. I was the woman in this relationship and he was the man.

    One night, when Paul's dad had come back for the weekend, Paul and I were awakened by the metallic cacophony of his parent's box spring. We'd heard it many times before, but this night it was much louder and faster. Paul signaled for me to follow him and we snuck over to his parents' bedroom and sure enough they had left the bedroom door open. Paul's mom was on her chat and knees with her milky white flabby butt raised in the air, and Paul's dad was fucking her from behind, his massive tool slamming in and out of his mom's rear end, the box spring sounding like a clashing of metal objects. He held onto her buttocks and slammed his cock home with a lion's roar, and then slowly pushed in and out until he was completely spent. His mother was treating hard and grunting and then as he pulled his dick out, she laughed and said, âThat must have woke the boys up. Thank God Chrissie has a sleep over tonight." We quickly crept back to our room, before we bust out snickering. "Man your dad has a huge dick. And the way he was fucking your mom, right up her ass." Paul said, "I've seen them fucking before but never like that. Neve up theses and never that hard." I smiled, "Your mom looked and sounded like she loved it." Paul said, "Yeah," then he looked at me and said, "Maybe we should try it, too." I look at him puzzled, "You mean you fuck me up my ass?" And Paul nodded before saying, "Looked to me like both of them really love it that way. Maybe you and i will, too." I wasn't so sure, but was willing to let him try. Paul said, "Get naked, I'll be right back," and then crept away down the hallway. When he returned he had a jar of Vaseline. "What's that for," I asked. It'll make it easier for me to fuck you," he answered. I was naked and knelt forward on my chest and knees with my ass up in the air just like Paul's mom. Paul removed his bottoms and his cock was hard. My cock was hard, too. Paul climbed up behind me and I could feel him slather the Vaseline against my asshole before pushing the cold sticky stuff up my ass with his fingers. Paul then pushed the head of his cock against my hole and then pushed harder. There was pain and pressure in my anus and then i felt his cock sliding inside of me, deeper and deeper into my rectum. When he was in all the way he began fucking me and the pain and pressure passed, replaced by a pleasure that grew ever more intense. Soon Paul was fucking me faster and faster, his cock like some kind of turbo charged piston working in and out of me. As he fucked me, I suddenly felt like i was going to cum even though i hadn't touched my cock and then as he continued to fuck me, the strokes shorter and faster, faster and shorter, I came and my sphincter ring began to spasm so that it felt like i was cumming both in my rectum and in my dick. Paul continued to plow into me until he grunted hard and shot his cum deep deep inside of me, and we lay there like that, covered in sweat and sticky goo.

    I had no idea it would feel this good being fucked. After that, we fucked every chance we got. Whenever his sister and her mother were out. i would suck his cock, he would cum in my mouth, and then i would suck him back to hardness and he would fuck me, mercilessly and shoot his cum deep inside of me.

    One day, when his mom was taking in the sunshine on the patio, Paul and i were so horny that he fucked me in his room. I had already sucked his cock off once so the fucking was long and lazy and lusty. He fucked me endlessly, until my hole felt red and raw and still he humped me. As Paul fucked me, suddenly the door of his bedroom opened and it was his mom, dressed in one of her moo-moo sarongs, holding a tray of milk and cookies for us. Paul was so close that he continue fucking me as she stood there, her mouth agape, shocked at seeing her son fucking his best friend. I was flush with shame, but I couldn't get out from beneath him as he held my buttocks and continued fucking me, grunting, and then passing in pleasure at finally being able to cum inside of me. Paul's mom backed through the door. We cleaned ourselves up and then sheepishly walked into the kitchen.

    My parents would have killed us both had they witnessed our conjugal coupling, but Paul's mom was cool. She bade us sit down and pointed at the milk and cookies. Paul and i said nothing as we ate the cookies and slugged down the milk, hungry and thirsty from our sucking and fucking. Finally, Paul's mom spoke. "I'm sorry. I should have knocked first. . . I had no idea you boys were. . . I mean. . . I never thought you. . . were intimate with each other." She looked at Paul, "How long has this been going on?" I didn't know what to say. Paul said, "One way or another, all summer long." Paul's mom said, "I see," then added, "Like that?" referring to the anal sex that she'd witnessed, and Paul responded, "Steve sucks me and I fuck him." She looked at me, and I could feel the heat in my face, "And, Steve, you are okay with that?" I nodded my head, yes. "Do your parents know?" I shook my head, "they would kill me if they ever found out." And Paul's mom, again said, "I see," adding, "Well, thereâs no need to tell them. I don't think Marty," referring to her husband, "ought to know, either. As for me, I'm good with it." We ate the rest of our cookies and drank the rest of our milk in silence.

    After that, Paul's mom was careful not to open our bedroom door without knocking first, and we were more careful about making it while she was at home. Paul's sister never found out. We continued with our affair through high school and into college and grad school where we lived as roomies and where Paul's mom often sent us care packages filled with cookies. One by one, Paul and I lost our parents to sickness and old age. When his mom was deathly ill, the two of us sat with her in the bedroom of her home, and she smiled at us through her pain and we laughed about the day she came to bring us milk and cookies and found us deep in the throes of passion.

    We both got married to women who have no clue about the nature of our friendship. Both of us have kids now. Paul and i still see each other once or twice a week, play racquetball together, bowl in a league just like our dads. And whenever we are alone together, we still get naked and i kneel at his feet and suck his cock before getting in bed and having him fuck my brains out. Some things will never change.

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