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    I grew up in a small town in East Texas near the Louisiana border. My father was clerk for the city and my mother was a homemaker. I was their only child and our only entertainment was church. The school board decided to bring two high schools together because there were too few kids for each, for me it meant riding the bus forty five minutes each way. At the new high school, which meant we now were merged with kids from another town, I got in trouble. It happened at one of the track and field events, at that time I ran track. She was there, her name is Sarah and she was the daughter of the town bank president, she lived in the big house over by the lake. She had a maid and this black man that drove her mother around. That day at the track meet I took her with me into the building to find a restroom for her. I took her to the restroom that the coach used, not the girl's restroom in the building. I told her I wanted to watch, I had never seen a girl use the toilet. I took out my pee stick and peed first, showing her how it was done, I showed her my pee stick and let her touch it. Then it was her turn and she looked at me with crazy eyes and she pushed her pants and panties down and sat down to pee. I wanted to see her pee so I opened her knees and she peed all the way and her eyes watered up. When she stood I examined her, touching her with my fingers and looking at her. I took my pee stick out and pushed it up against her, she stepped back and fell back on the toilet. I told her to kiss my pee stick and she did. I rubbed her lips and she twirked her tongue like a snake to lick it and I was hard by then. I pushed my pee stick into her mouth, she more or less gagged so I pulled it out. I stood her up from the toilet and I put the lid down and sat down and turned her around and licked on her slit through her bush, I held her butt cheeks in my hand and dug my nose and mouth into her. I then stuck my hand up between her legs and ran a finger deep into her vagina, I got her to kick off her pants and got on my knees and lowered her panties until she got them off one of her feet, licking and sucking on her pussy all the time. The world could have come to an end but there was only one thing that was going to happen, right there on the bathroom floor. She took it with her legs wide open and I fucked her as deep as I could until I just came with all my dick snot going up high inside her pussy. When I was done I stood more or less and helped her stand and let her lean on me as she got her panties back on and then her pants and slip on her shoes.

    The judge yelled at me, and kept telling her just how sorry he was that she was in this predicament, but the law was the law and taking into consideration who she was and all he was going to allow her to get married instead of sending me to reform school and sending her to a home for unwed mothers. Me, well he gave me a lecture on that fact that I was now responsible for a family and if I messed up just once he was going to take matters by the letter of the law and I was going to reform school. The judge officiated at the ceremony in his office, her mother wore black with a veil and her father stood stiff as a board. My mother cried and my father slapped me on the back and told me I had screwed up and now I had responsibilities. This was serious, she couldn't possibly come live with my parents, not in our town and certainly not in our small house so the only answer was that I had to move in with her and her father made sure I had a job as a clerk in the bank. Life in her house was bad for me, a regular 64 dollar prison, they had color television and we didn't have to share a bathroom and there was a maid to clean up and wash the clothes and make the bed. I won't go on about how it was but one day she and I had snuck off after dinner and we were necking and getting serious when her mother walked in on us an she started to yell. Her father came in and told her mother that she was a woman now and anything that I did to her was legal.

    Anyway that is how I got in trouble in the ninth grade with a seventh grade girl. She tells the story different, not quite like that, she tells a more romantic story but there was no romance that day at the track meet, there wasn't nothing but lust in my loins and she was the object of that lust.

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