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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    This isn't a confession it is an honest question. How do you know if you are a lesbian? I am 35 and I still don't know, I like to mess around with a woman, when I was younger we used to say girl, but I guess now I have no choice but to say woman, mess around and have woman to woman sex. It is sex, not just a kiss or a hug. I am married and what I like is that he takes care of all the financial responsibility. WE work but it is more for something to do because he makes enough for both of us and more. He knows that I am together with this woman and 'play'. We have a pool with a hot tub and our back yard is very private, no overlooking windows so we can basically be out by the pool in the buff. He likes to watch. Curiously I don't much like having my husband go down on me, or for that matter get too touchy feely, I want out right sex with him, fuck me and leave me alone to neck and pet and kiss with my woman friend. She is the same woman, the same one that I called a girl before, we have been 'friends' like this since we were in our early twenties.

    I have been on three trips to Europe, a cruise to Alaska and a trip to China with her. I have only gone to his folks for the holidays with him. For Christmas I shop for her first, for her birthday I have permission to go wild, I love shopping for clothes for her and I love dressing up with her. We are the same age and we both work at these jobs any idiot can do so he basically supports us both, she officially lives in our second home but doesn't have to pay rent.

    We have a spa weekend once a month and a shopping extravaganza once a year. Her picture with me is beside my bed, my picture with him is in his office. So I get back to this, am I, or better said, are we lesbians or are we bisexual? We are not straight, that much I know. I messed around in college but just a little and she basically didn't find herself until we went out together before I got married. Sex is hard wired, I have to have sex with him. I want to have sex with her, but unlike having sex with him I can spend all afternoon with her and just play around. And of course the pool, we can lay out by the pool all afternoon naked and in the buff, when he comes home he comes out to join us, and sometimes we cook outside on the patio and other times we go inside and we fix a quick dinner for us. The last time she slept at her house is a week ago, she sleeps over with me three out of four nights.

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    Whether this is a credible account or not is indeed irrelevant. There have been many renditions quite similar to this in the last 20+ years that HAVE been true. The point is this: look, THIS is what occurs when mankind crossbreeds over generations. We get MUNGRELS; YES MUNGRELS. Some if not many have decreased cranial capacity, resulting in such complaints such as here. I have nothing further.

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