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    Straight Male / 36

    I am the principal of a small exclusive boarding school. We only have about 65 students grades 4 through 8. Classroom sizes of no more than 14 students per class. I am also the coach/PE teacher.

    Most of the students go home for holiday and sometimes weekends. Spring break was 4 weeks ago and everyone left on Friday except for one 12 year old 7th grade girl. Betty's mom was to be there by 7pm. Sun had set and now it was 8 10 when I got a call from her mom saying she could not make it as she was flying out on business.

    This means I must stay all of spring break a full two weeks. Then I send Margaret to the visitors room A. Told her she will spend spring break there as it's next to mine. All I had left was to get a shower and close up the GYM. Then we would make plans for what we were going to over break.

    I removed my shorts and place the in my locker just off the boys lockeroom the door from the girls lockeroom opens and Margaret entered TOTALLY naked. We only have one shower room that is shared so making sure schedules don't get crossed is important.

    Margaret looks at me and said Mr. Cross I am recognizing myself today as a 19 year old college boy so don't worry we can shower together. I think I will also be the same for the next two weeks. We can then share lots of things and time together.

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    If this story is true, you ended it entirely to damn soon. Tell us more!!

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