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    Last summer I was out drinking and taking a leak behind a loading platform. A very nice looking blond girl who was around 20 walked right up to me. I turned away but she leaned over and watched then just asked me if I wanted head. I stammered a bit as I finished pissing. Before I could answer she said she needed fifty bucks and she'd be happy to make me cum. Of course I was out looking to get sex anyway and the girl was kinda hot and I just shrugged and said ok. She asked for the money. I gave her two twenties and smaller bills to pay her, she put the money in her pocked and pulled me by my shorts over to a spot away from the street and got on her knees and started sucking and using her hand. She was good at it. I got hard fast. After about five minutes I was starting to feel my dick starting to throb and knew time was short. She got up off her knees into a squat position grabbed my shorts with both hands and started pulling me hard towards her mouth as she bobbed and sucked hard on it. AS she was doing this I noticed two people, a guy and a girl watching us from about 20 yards away. The girl said "come on hurry up" and the one sucking my dick waved at her saying shut up and went back to yanking my cock towards her bobbing mouth. About a minute or so of this and I came in her mouth. She kept sucking until she drained every drop from me she could and I was going soft. A few kisses and light sucks to the head and she stood up, gave me a quick shy grin and went to meet her friends and was gone. It was fucking fun!

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    Absolute utter bullshit
    In fact Iv never read such a pile of fucking excrement in my whole life.
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    #1 I agree total bullshit.
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    It's total bullshit. There's no ways there's prostitutes out there giving $50.00 blow jobs. No way.
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    #3 you guys are fucking retarded. Theres girls doing it for 40. Ive had them come up to me at gas stations, quickie marts etc. Dont make comments you dont know shit about.
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    It happens. I've known guys who've gotten BJ's like that and I know other women that have done that, my wife included. She did it on a dare
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    #4 i think #3 was being sarcastic. maybe not...

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