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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    I became interested in sex at the age of around six or seven. This far along, I can't be sure of the exact age. I remember in first grade, we were still taking naps after lunch, and this girl got my attention and whispered for me to kiss her between her legs, even lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to the side. At that point I was simply curious, but i was too afraid of being caught to go through with it. Not too long after, we were in the computer lab, and the same girl wanted me to go under her desk and kiss her down there, or she wouldn't be my friend. If I wouldn't do it during nap time where someone might see, I sure as hell wouldn't do it while everyone was awake and would see!

    Still, it wasn't until I found a few of my brother's porno mags stashed in the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom that I found myself very curious about sex, and especially girls' vaginas. So I set out into my neighborhood, wondering if there were any girls who would let me see them up close and naked. I convinced this girl around my age to go back behind this house, where there was a back deck with plenty of space underneath, and she showed me hers. I got real close, and I could smell that she might have wet her panties a little, so, other than giving it a little kiss and rubbing her little butt, I didn't do much else with her, and this only made me even more curious.

    Fast forward a year or two, sorry, still fuzzy on the timeline, my mom was friends with a couple who had two boys and a girl. My brothers were friends with the boys, and I was just a tagalong for the most part, just trying to keep myself occupied. The daughter was a few years younger than me, but, when I playfully started tickling her while we played in her room, her skirt came up and her panties were loose, so I could see her vagina. I asked her if I could see it without her panties on, and she didn't seem to mind giving me a closer look, even spreading her lips apart for me. I asked if I could kiss it, and she said yes, so I started kissing, and then licking it, and I was entranced. She seemed to enjoy it as well, as much as a girl her age could, anyway. Of course, at some point, one of my brothers opened the door and saw me, but, instead of telling me to stop, he just shrugged and left.

    As I grew older, my curiosity on sex and licking vag didn't wane, but girls my age seemed to be more self-conscious about their bodies and much less inclined to let me go down on them. It was the younger ones that were more willing, even if they couldn't get off on it, probably because, at their age, their parents really didn't consider them old enough for the talk, so their minds were uncluttered with "rights and wrongs" regarding little perverts like me. Unfortunately, this little pervert grew up to be a big pervert, and now I must keep my lusts hidden and only fantasize about the perfect opportunity to bury my tongue in some nice, young vag. I've been struggling with this my whole adult life, about the fact that I'd prefer younger girls to women, and how a young, hairless pussy with those puffy outer lips turn me on more than a woman's pussy, even shaved.

    Honestly, I'm tired of living with the fact that, if the opportunity presented itself with low-risk, I'd chance it. I'm not looking to cause some girl a bunch of trauma that she'd have to deal with her whole life, I'm just hoping for one of those girls who is just as curious and willing to play. Sure, you can think me worthy of castration and/or death, and most days I'm inclined to agree. I've been hooked on young girls since I was a little boy, so, though I've changed a lot since then, my interests haven't seemed to change a bit.

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    I can empathize with you. I, too, enjoy the site of young hairless pussy due to the fact the first pussy I ever touched was my cousin who was 8 and I was 11. I would never ever touch a young girl in real life. So. I go to
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    When are the sick p Edos going to fuck off from this site and take there twisted shit with them.
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    Totally sympathise, im exactly the same way. Cant help how I feel bout sexy young girls. Always seem to meet horny girls willing to explore or show me what they knw
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    I grew up very similarly. Luckily, I've always been attracted to women my age. Even so, I still LOVE eating pussy. I can cum from just eating good pussy

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