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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I was 4, my mom left, so it was just me and my dad. I used to cry a lot because I missed my mom, and I think my dad cried, too, but he always went into his room to do that. But I guess that our shared sadness brought us closer together, so there was that. I loved when he'd take me places, or even when we just stayed home and watched movies and stuff. During bathtime, since we had one of those big whirlpool tubs, Dad would just get in with me and we'd both take our bath together.

    One night we were having our bath time, and I was on his lap while he washed my hair, and I felt his thing against my butt, so I wiggled a little and it started getting hard. Dad kept washing my hair like nothing was wrong, but I could feel it against my butt, so I kept wiggling, and it started to stick up, like right up against my crotch! I asked him what it was, and he said yeah, that's just my penis, your wiggling made it hard. I knew he peed out of it, I saw him do that once but he didn't see me. So I asked if he had to pee, but he said no, so I started touching it.

    He asked me what I was doing, and I told him I just wanted to play with it, so he told me not to pinch it or squeeze it too hard and I could. I could feel it twitching in my hands, and since it was still between my thighs pressed up against my crotch, I could feel it there, too. Dad seemed to like it, since he wasn't making me stop, so I asked why his penis got so hard. He said it was because he didn't have my mom here to take care of it for him, and I asked if he wanted me to take care of it. He said just this once, since I was already playing with it, and he showed me how to rub it with my hands around it. I did like he showed me, and then he got all stiff like a statue and his penis throbbed in my hands. I had no idea that I was jerking my dad off, I just knew it made him feel better, so I told him that whenever he wanted I would do that for him again so he'd feel better. He said he didn't know if that was a good idea.

    Good idea or not, I started doing that for him almost every evening, and not just in the bath, but sometimes while sitting on the couch watching TV, or he'd come into my room with a hand towel that he'd use to catch the sticky white stuff that came out. Then he taught me how to use my tongue and mouth on him, and I'd slurp on his penis just like he taught me, and when he was gonna shoot, he let me know so I could have the towel ready, but then he asked me to swallow the stuff instead, so I did, and it tasted funny, but I really wanted my dad to feel good, so I'd swallow it anyway, and I swallowed his stuff all the time after that.

    This went on for a long time, and it progressed bit by bit. He liked getting between my legs and licking me down there, or like that but I was laying on him so I could play with his penis. He said I taste sweet down there, which I liked. It felt funny, almost too intense sometimes but he liked it, so i did too. He also liked when I'd sit on his lap and rub myself on his penis, or he'd have me on my back and rub it between my legs. I think now that even then he was fantasizing about putting it inside me, but I was still too young for that.

    By the time I was twelve, I had my first period, and he helped me through that as best as he could, getting me tampons and pads. He also started talking to me about maybe trying sex, and I was kinda scared, since the times when he'd be between my legs and start poking his penis against my parts it'd kinda hurt. But he promised he'd be careful and try not to hurt me, so when my period was through for the month, he came into my room with some KY and had me lay on my back. He started licking me, and it had felt good before, but once he really started going, it felt so amazing! I had so many orgasms I lost count. It seemed like he'd just go on and on until it felt like I couldn't take it.

    He said I think you're ready now, and he rubbed some lube on his penis and then began pushing it in real slow, and I was amazed that it could fit, but then his whole penis was inside and it barely hurt at all! He moved slow at first, but I told him he could go faster, so he did. That night he had sex with me twice, and it felt so good I never wanted to stop, but he said I was just so tight that he couldn't last that long. He made sure to shoot his stuff in my mouth, and I swallowed a bunch. Afterwards he said he felt bad that my first time had been with my dad, but I told him I was glad and that he could have me anytime he wanted.

    Thinking back on it now, I must've swallowed so much of his cum, since he always made sure to shoot it in my mouth so he wouldn't get me pregnant. Every time I gulped down his stuff, it gave me a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I was making my dad happy. I go to college nearby now, but I still like to go home to visit and get a mouthful.

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    My first time was sitting on a lap. He got hard and it felt good pressing up against me. I started to try and get off and he grabbed me and wiggled underneath me. My pants and underpants came off and he sat me down on him reverse cowboy and slowly I went down and down and down until I totally on him. Up and down and up and down he started to come. It was a mess and he used my underpants and he cleaned me up. It was so good, I have had sex many times but never like that again.

    We were at a Halloween party and it was live in front of the other kids who stood and watched as I went up and down and up and down.
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    Pair of sick twats. We dont want to read this twisted rubbish. Take it somewhere else
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    #OP and 1, Get the fuck out of here!

    "Bi-Sexual Female / 23" my ass! Stop pretending.

    Clearly you fucking loser can't see that you being adult male sticks out like a sore thumb from your "experience"!
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    I did not exactly knew at that time how to fuck my 11 yo sis. She just laid there and I on the top pushing my hard cock between her thighs and hump slowly till I came. It was soon she allowed me to finger her pussy and stroke her clit till she came. Fingering opened me to a wider world of sex with her. She was then 12 had her first period. It all started while I was fingering her and her started to flow. She was stroking my cock to an unbearable hardness. I laid her on the bed - her thighs widespread. I put my cock in the entrance of her glistening hole and started push slowly in. I could only push the knob of my cock in but she signaled me to stop as she felt hurt. Within a few days we did the same but I used a dab of Vaseline on my cock and into her pussy hole. It was just smooth for me to push all of my 7" cock in. We are now in our middle age - we still enjoy fucking each other whenever we get opportunity.
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    God thats all too hot!!
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    I don't remember when it started but my dad said I was a baby the first time. My mom left us a few months after I was born but Dad told me she was dead. What really happened was she ran off with her drug dealing boyfriend and then ended up in prison six states away. Her boyfriend abandoned her and she never wrote my Dad who was able to get a divorce without her signing the papers since in our state being in prison is grounds for divorce.

    So I have no memory of her and didn't find out the truth until after I grew up. Dad did't actually find out she was in prison until her mom, my grandmother wrote him telling him. But I never met her either.

    So every day of my childhood Dad licked me and had me suck his dick. I loved being licked. I never had to ask him to do it. After bath time which we were both naked for, he took me to our bed and he dried me off then wrapped me up in a fresh dry towel except for between the legs and he'd spread them and just lick me for a couple of hours, sometimes up my butt too which was really nice. Then he let me suck on the end of his dick until I fell asleep. Sometimes I woke up from him squirting into my mouth and I always swallowed it.

    Dad home schooled me when I got old enough and I hardly ever saw any other kids. We lived a mile from the nearest neighbor and the three closest neighbors had no kids. So I had nobody to compare notes with and never had a best friend until I got to high school. So I had no idea other little boys didn't get to suck on their Dad's cocks every day.

    Over the years he used his fingers and dildos and butt plugs to slowly and gradually loosen my ass up until he pulled a dildo about the same size as his cock out of my ass and told me I was ready for his cock. I was. I was 11 and had been yearning for his cock up my ass for months. He finally fucked me and it was better than I hoped. I could feel every vein and wrinkle rub against my prostate until I came like a fire hose. That first time up my ass gave me my best cum yet. From then on he fucked me every day until he died of a heart attack when I was 53.

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