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    Straight Male / 44

    I have an obsession with seeing women I know naked. I don't necessarily want to fuck them. I just want this mystery solved of knowing what they look like nude. I've snooped rooms and stolen shit while fixing computers. I've gotten on sites with state threads and put out feelers, hoping some pissed off ex will see it and decide, "yeah, fuck her. Here you go." That has actually paid off more than once for me.
    I've seen friend's wives and girlfriends, family, coworkers, my daughter's friends. I've stood outside windows in the middle of the night and been the peeping tom on a friend's wife taking a shower, and the hot niece I see once a year.
    Last summer we rented a beach house in Florida. It was night and my wife went to take a shower before bed. I stepped out for a smoke and walked around to the back where it was dark. I glanced through the slats in the fence and saw a guy standing in the darkness, watching my wife. He was half her age, but he was there to spy on a naked woman. He moved closer and I stepped further down where I could keep an eye on him. He had a clear view through the slats in the vertical blinds and I knew my wife always leaves the bathroom door open. I knew it was a clear glass shower door and that he was able to see her naked the entire time.
    I knew he was seeing my wife's shirt come up over her head, and the shorts getting pulled down. I knew he watched her reach behind and unhook her bra, and then her tits hang free. I knew he watched her fingers slip into her panties and then slide down over her ass, and I knew she turned around and he was able to see my wife's shaved pussy and that cute crease that disappears between her legs. I knew precisely what he was getting to see because I've watched my wife undress a million times. I knew he watched her lather her naked body and reach between her legs, and then her full tits move in her hands as she dried them off after.
    Between knowing the excitement of what he was feeling and the thrill of seeing my own wife being spied on, I just kept quiet and watched. I let him have his show to the very end and watched him sneak away into the dark after. She was completely unaware and I really don't know the show he got to watch, but for those few minutes my wife was on absolute display for his private show. I actually enjoyed that betrayal of her trust because it was an unknown moment of loyalty to a fellow voyeur. It was MY wife someone wanted to see naked, and I guess it was both flattering and owed for all I've seen over the years. I know the thrill of getting that prize, and my wife was the prize that night.
    That stranger was half her age and took great risk for that reward, and I'm kind of proud that it was my wife he chose.

    So given the same circumstance of catching a stranger risking it all to see your unaware wife naked, would you chase him off and preserve your wife's dignity, or let the betrayal happen and enjoy the cheap thrill?

    And what is your experience at being a peeping tom? Who did you see that you shouldn't have?

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    So that is what pushes a voyeur. The desire to demystify the nude body that is not to be seen.

    Next-door neighbour and aunt. Typical for a teenage boy.
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    Maybe you should get out more and get a normal social life and possibly a relationship,
    Then you wouldnt be a desperate creep that I suspect everyone avoids.
    Spend less time spanking the monkey and get some fresh air. Join a club of do some exercises
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    I came across peeping one of my young neighbors, girl aged 19 yo, changing her dress one night. Later on I found that there is a fixed time when she used to do it and I would open a little bit of my widow curtain to watch her. After a couple of this show, I found that she did it intentionally realizing that someone was watching her. We both got bold and she would signal me with hand and fingers with sexual gesture and I responded to her signals of fucking and kissing etc. This is still going on and I do enjoy it. Should I meet her but I am too old now (65 yo).
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    During my first year of marriage I came home to see two young men or older teens peeking in our first floor apartment bedroom window. They saw me and walked away. I don't know if they knew I lived there. I entered our apartment quickly and felt let down when I found her dressed. I knew I shouldn't feel that way but that is how I felt.

    I grew up and occasional peeping Tom. I didn't go looking for it, but if a nice sight presented itself I didn't walk on.

    I asked my wife what she had just been up to. When she denied anything I didn't believe her. I told her why I didn't believe her. She said she didn't believe me as she was dressed the whole time. There was no reason for boys to be spying on her. This began a LONG conversation series that lasted days. I wanted her to be less dressed or naked so if she has peeping Toms again they'd have something worth seeing. She didn't get why I wanted this of my wife and explained she was not like that.

    Our compromise was adjusting all of our blinds, shades and curtains so they LOOKED closed but if approached anyone could see clearly in. She would wear less, but never less than she was comfortable. I wouldn't press her into doing what she wasn't comfortable doing. In practice that meant she might be down to her bra and panties but seldom less.

    A few months later I spotted one of the two teens/ young men on the sidewalk and pointed him out to my wife. She said he was cute. After that she was more willing to be scantily clad at home.

    Months later I came home to FOUR boys/young men at our windows. None of the four were part of the first two boys seen. They saw me and scattered. Inside I found my wife naked with a towel wrapped around her hair. I kissed her and told her what I saw outside. She said she knew that there were boys out there but didn't know how many. We screwed like rabbits on the couch that night.

    From that night on my wife was hooked on keeping her blinds slightly open and never fully dressed when home without company. Whenever we go out of town, her daring ways are beyond my comfort. We started making our own pornos shortly after that. I unleased a sex monster.
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    When I was really young I would peek in on my mother when she was in the shower or in her room changing. Then I started doing it to my aunts and cousins. Now every time I see my nieces, I canât help but picture them naked and wind up jerking off to pics of them.

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