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    I was 16 at the time and I was at a party when I really had to poo. I'd been busting to go all day and by around 8:30 I was getting desperate . I felt embarrassed to do it in my friends toilet and I decided to wait until I got home which was hours away. As the night went on the urge to poo got worse and by about 10:00 it was becoming unbearable so I decided to swallow my pride and got to the toilet at my friend's house. There was a long queue to her bathroom and I was very conscious of the fact that everyone would know I was having a poo but the truth is it was better than doing it in my knickers. After what felt like an eternity (probably 20 about minutes), it was my turn in the bathroom. I rushed and it must have been obvious I was desperate when another girl tried to pull me out saying she had to go first as she was going to sh*t herself. I pushed her away as I was about to do the same an ripped my leggings and knickers down together and threw myself onto the toilet while the other girl swore and shouted abuse at me. I started to go the instant my bottom touched the toilet seat and the relief of it was incredible. The girl just stood there watching me with a frightened look of desperation on her face as she filled her jeans with a wet and very smelly poo. I heard a loud hissing sound as she peed herself as the mess spread down her legs. She called me a f*cking b*tch for making her sh*t herself and I tried to explain that I was about to poo myself as well. She wouldn't listen and my friend interviened when she hear her the girl shouting abuse at me. She was told to leave and never come back and a few other people backed me up as there was no need for the girl to get so nasty and abusive. The girl left sulking and I actually felt bad for her as she'd she'd humiliated herself so badly.

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    O dear. It the the same fat slob Charles as in the confession above this bullshit.

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