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    Straight Male / 26

    I am being used for sex by one of my neighbors, and I love it.

    Dana is a recently divorced mother of one who is pregnant again. She was still with her ex up until the papers were signed due to financial issues. She recently moved a few houses away, and we would talk occasionally. 2 weeks ago, we were in the courtyard and we started talking about the homeowners association because her pipes were banging scaring her daughter. She asked if mine made noise, and I told her I never heard anything. She invited my up to hear the noise and I sat on the couch waiting for it to happen as she put her daughter to bed.

    When she came back to the couch, I noticed how curvy she was getting. She got us some sweet tea and as we were talking she just leaned into me and kissed me. Within minutes, we were both naked and I was rubbing my hands all over her body. She told me it has been 4 months since she had had sex and needed it, now. I was happy to oblige her. When we were done, we just snuggled on the couch for a few hours and I went home

    Since then, she will call or text me to come over. Even with her bump, our sex is fantastic. She is up for anything, and is always ready to make sure I am totally drained before I leave, if I leave. Her favorite position is her on her back, with me on my side and her leg over the top of me. This way, I can go as deep as I can and not press on her belly as she plays with herself. From this position, she can just shift her hips and I can get into her ass. If I go really slow, I can feel her ass pulsing as she comes.

    It has been 3 weeks and she is getting bigger and more horny every day. Only 5 1/2 months along, her sexual appetite is amazing.

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    Lucky mother fucker!
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    I cant stop laughing reading this bullshit.
    Dana is really a 34 year old truck driver called David. He is grossly fat (pregnant)
    You suck his dick dry every time he summons your sissy ass to his apartment.
    You then proceed to take his cock up your well used asshole until he is satisfied once again. That is the real story here.
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    Enjoy it! I loved when my wife was pregnant, then there's the lactating!
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    I used to screw a co-worker's wife that wouldn't touch his own wife while she was pregnant. I don't know who's idea it was but he was the one that invited me over.

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