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    Straight Female / 19

    Hi, something has changed for me in my relationship with my bf and I'm just not sure about it. I mentioned it to a few trusted longtime friends and got very mixed answers as to if it is okay or not. Let me explain

    I have been with my bf for over six months and we are pretty steady and long term, he's met my folks and they really get on. Our sex life has always been good and adventurous, maybe not really wild but we both love sex. He's quite "macho" and insists on sex on demand and really likes to control what happens which has been absolutely fine till a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm at college and he works and lives in a house with a few other guys, some he studied with and others from work and the like, they are all I think two or three years older than me and they have money and I still get an allowance from my folks. They are always nice and polite but do treat me like a kid sister a bit.

    Anyway long story short we were round his place watching sport on the TV, there was just five guys and me when my bf said the game was boring and he wanted a fuck, got up and led me willingly out of the TV room and up to his beddroom where we went at it for idk forty minutes or so. He suggested we got a drink and I agreed and he pulled on his shorts and he threw me my skirt. I told him I needed to clean up, but he told me to come downstairs just as I was in a daring kind of way - so I did. Ha I was nervous I tell you.

    The guys were still watching TV but they all looked up as my bf led me topless into the room. I tried to be cool but failed and blushed and tried to cover my titties up, but the guys all saw and a few commented so I toughed it out. My bf seemed okay with the others seeing my tits, I was okay but just kind of wrong footed I guess.

    We two went into the kitchen and got some cold drinks, and bf was teasing me, saying I was a tease and a flirt, I said the ONLY reason I was doing it was because he told me to.

    One of the other guys joined us and the boys started to talk about my tits and nips, they are size 36 and good shape I know but I was feeling very self conscious. My bf squeezed a tit and invited the other guy to do the same then they sucked on them too. I really wasn't sure if to allow it or object, I tried to take the lead from what I thought my bf wanted, so I kind of made a joke of it.

    When we went back to the TV room my two guys told the others they had felt up my titties and asked the others of they wanted to. They said Yes, of course and for the next hour or so I was passed around for these guys I hardly knew to fondle, squeeze and suck on my tits. I did like it, especially the times I had guys sucking both at the same time. My bf made a rule that they could only touch me above my skirt, no pussy.

    It kind of finished when they'd had what they wanted and me and the bf were back up in his room and I really wasn't sure how things would go. My titties were quite tender and had a few bruise marks where the boys had sucked them, I must have looked a state. Well he was as horny as crazy and did me again, he was so excited. The next morning nothing was said with the others I met on our way out.

    I'm now just so confused if my bf still loves me, I mean guys don't share a real gf with their mates, Do they ? but he seems turned on by it and wasn't mad at me for allowing it. I'm not sure what to do or how things are with me and his house mates.

    Actually I feel quite a bit better just having writ that down.

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    be careful, it sounds like he wants you as a sex slave for him and his friends, it's a complete control will start with tits and progress. Be sure of what you actually want and feel comfortable with.

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    Agree with #1. I'm an older male, btw.

    Your boyfriend enjoyed treating you like his property and having his guy friends fondle you, etc. That whole scene can be quite a turn on for a lot of men (but not all). Some men can truly love a woman and yet still get turned on by sharing her. While for others, it's just a control thing. You'll have to take into account how he treats you in other ways to decide if he truly loves you.
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    Your boyfriend sound like a complete twat. Dump the waste of space and move on.
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    i agree with the others, some guys like to show off what is "theirs" its a turn on that others get to see their hot gf. i play with a couple and he enjoys watching me fuck his wife. would i want and enjoy that if i was married? no way, but it gets some guys off.

    that being said, some girls might enjoy getting gangbanged and so as to not appear to be a slut, say their bf "pushed" them into it. i am not saying that about you, just making a point. only you know if you enjoyed it and might want it to go farther.

    just make sure and keep your wits about you. no drinking or smoke when you think that
    might happen again so you can make good choices. keep in control, if you dont like whats going on, leave before it gets too far.
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    there is no real love there, he cares about you, but certainly not in love with you,
    you are just his pet until he had enough
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    I agree with all of the above. Decide what you want and communicate that to bf.
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    I was 24 when I got my first girl (19) to do that and more with my friends. In 5 months we will have been married 27 years now and I'm still in love with her
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    You were and still are, being used.
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    You guys were pretty much right, I am being used, but I can't seem to get out of it now. Part of me is shocked, but I still go round there a few times in a week I can't help it. They have all had sex with me now at different times and I allow it and like it

    I'm sure some of you will say bad things about me but I don't mind that I deserve it.
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    I think you are awesome !

    You "can't help" going back a "few times in a week"?
    All of them have fucked you at different times because you "allow it and like it"?

    So what does that tell you?
    Stop worrying about being used and take charge of the situation.
    You obviously like the attention, like the variety, like the feeling of being used.
    Nothing wrong with that.

    I do not agree with the other posters.
    I think you are finding out what you actually enjoy sexually.
    That takes determination and courage.
    And a willingness to cross boundries.

    I can help with advise and positive support if you want to email.
    [email protected]@g***l.**m


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