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    Gay Male / 23

    My parents filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after losing their jobs. My father went to Texas to look for a job and my mother and me went to live with a friend of hers. I had to share a room with their son sleeping on the top bunk. He was sixteen and he jerked off at night. I kept quiet and didn't move but I heard and felt the bed move and I jerked off as quietly as I could. One night he stood up unexpectedly and caught me with my cock in my hand. He said he would suck me and he did.

    It felt so good, he rubbed my cock with his hand, my stomach and my thighs. He held his cock in his hand and gave it to me touch and suck. I got on his bed with him and we jerked each other, sucked each other, until he got on mu back to dry hump me and jerk off on me. We spent lots of time like that.

    When my Dad got back with a job in Beaumont we left and we had one last time getting together. That night he penetrated me and I got fucked. In Beaumont it took several months before I found a boy to fuck me. He was always horny and he fucked me and I gave him blow jobs all the time. By the time I graduated from High School in 2013 I was experienced and I was a confirmed bottom. I joined the Coast Guard and was stationed in Florida interdicting drugs.

    I had a couple of fucks on board but I kept my desires to myself, using my leave time to go to gay dance clubs to fuck and suck. I left the Coast Guard in 2016 and got a job selling phones. My fuck buddy from Ohio came down and we fucked for a month. I have a job now using electronics experience from the service and my boyfriend is working as a welder. We fuck until we just can't fuck any more. I guess I am fairly noticeable and he looks like he would never fuck a guy. He is a cock enthusiast and treats me to some in depth cock sucking before going for gold.

    We have a place of our own, have good jobs and live where gay is o.k.

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