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    Lesbian Female / 38

    For a variety of reasons my mother and her older sister never got along. We lived in our small city in Mississippi, my father is a boat captain and my mother is a real estate agent, we are family of three kids, go to school, band, cheerleading. My aunt lives far away in D.C. intentionally single.

    I don't even remember why I asked my mother why I she didn't get along with her sister and I got the same answer as always, "I don't know, she's different". When summer came I asked my mother if I could go visit her sister, I really wanted to bring them together, I was sixteen and wanted to fix the world and after a whole of lot himming and hawing she called her sister and to everyone's surprise my aunt was all for it. I packed my bag, and I went on my first solo airplane ride to D.C. My aunt met me at the airport and we went to her house.

    My aunt was in her early forties, she worked for a large law firm as a secretary or I guess paralegal, she was really good looking (so is my Mother) but she was dressed professionally, that is to say she was not feminine in any way. Her hair was short, she did not have her finger nails painted, she didn't wear jewelry and she walked like a man. I noticed. At her home she showed me to my room, she asked what I wanted to do, she took some days off from work to take me around. She got tickets to the White House through her boss, we went to the Museums, we went to the "Hill". Then on Friday night we went out to eat and she said a friend was going to join us.

    Her friend Janet was a woman in her thirties, also naturally attractive, with bosoms, tits, breasts, knockers, her neck was long, her legs were toned, her hands were smooth and lips were just so just right, I noticed. She wore these pleated pants that just seemed to disappear between her legs and I just could not stop looking. And her breasts, so full, so gorgeous and she wore a top that left me breathless, and she hugged me to say hello and she sat beside me and asked a thousand questions, she put her hand on my leg, she told me she thought I was pretty and she nice to me all around. I sat beside her so wet, it was obvious and I kept crossing my legs, I went to the ladies room to clean up, my panties were so wet that I took a pad from the dispenser. When the dinner was over my aunt asked me if I wanted to go down to Virginia and if I didn't mined Janet was free and she could join us.

    Janet's goodbye that evening was a long hug and a pleasure to meet you and she gave me small kiss on the cheek and told me again that she thought I was pretty. We went to Virginia, to a farm that was owned by one of their friends. The woman was in her sixties and she had inherited the farm and she had prepared a real nice lunch for us. Janet was dressed in this sweater, a bit odd for the time of year, but she wasn't wearing a bra and when she hugged me it was obvious, she touched my face. We were walking around the garden of the house and my aunt came up to me and asked me what I was thinking. "Oh, nothing", but she asked me why I got flushed around Janet, I was acting like my baby crush was getting to me and maybe what I needed was a girlfriend of my own because Janet was her girlfriend, they were very close if I got the meaning and she said it straight out, "those tits are mine".

    All through lunch the conversation was about the hidden pleasures of being friends with women. The hostess like I said was woman in her sixties but she asked me if I was experienced and what did I think of Venus' nectar, because in all of God's creations He had not created anything so sweet. We went into the living room, which was a large room with a view of the gardens and she asked me question after question about my feelings, and several times she asked if I had a special friend, a young woman to share myself with. She went on and told us about how when she was sixteen she got her first kiss, from a girl in high school and she fell in love. She asked me about my first kiss. There was a picture book of her when she was young and her special friend, she told of the times when they had to hide because her parents were against that relationship, but God didn't make her for man , He made her for something else, just like He had made me, she was sure of that.

    The conversation ended with "you need a girlfriend sweetie, a girlfriend that can take you by the tail and shake you, a girlfriend that can kiss you, a girlfriend that can soak you with Venus' nectar". On my first trip to D.C. I met this girl, she was the daughter of one their friends, a girl in her twenties going to Georgetown, she wasn't shy but she wasn't sure about what she was supposed to do, the ladies left us alone and we went out to have a hamburger, we walked around and I guess she just felt she had to hold my hand. Yes she kissed me but when we were back at my Aunt's house and there were other couples there, she asked if I was trying things out because she wasn't interested in playing that game, if I was interested then kiss her back and not stand there. She had been told to take me to a bedroom and she did, I found out what the Nectar of the Gods was, I found out that kissing her was addicting, I found out that she was in between being hard and soft, and she didn't know what she wanted but she was sure I was soft. We got totally naked, she kissed my thighs which I thought was weird, she kissed me and drank of my Nectar, she gave me her Nectar to try, she likes tits and so do I, she was nothing like Janet, but she did have tits and so do I.

    I fell in love and she thought me a pest but never turned me down. I went to D.C. to see my aunt and she took me out and we spent all our time together. When she finished college she just happened to come south and we went out and got in her motel room and she asked for a yes or no, once and for all. It was yes and I got into college at Williams and Mary where she had gone to study law. We were much younger than my aunt, but the whole community had women of all ages it just so happened that I was pretty young. My girlfriend says I'm soft but she will take it, really she is more soft than hard but she pretends to be hard with me and I let her. It's like Janet and my aunt, Janet is definitely soft like me and my aunt plays her part but she is a softie at heart.

    That's my story, my aunt has Janet, my aunt and her friends picked well my girlfriend and I have been together since that first kiss when I was sixteen, twenty plus years ago.

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