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    Lesbian Female / 26

    Going on an out of town football trip with several of my sorority sisters I shared a room with Stephanie. She was also a junior , very Cajun from North Louisiana with dark hair and blue eyes. We got a room with two doubles and after dinner with the other girls we went to our rooms.

    Quickly she got undressed and walked around in her panties and no bra. I sat on the bed and just looked at her until she caught me and asked what my problem was. My answer was half jokingly that my pussy was wet and her answer was for me to get my mind out of the gutter. Still kidding I asked her why she didn't come over and give me titty and she answered that I didn't know what I was getting into.

    Her titties are so firm and full and so just right and her nipples are so big for her titties and her panties just seemed to be on too tight and she fell over me onto the bed and I opened my legs for her and sucked her titties. She held my head with her hands and I reached under her and touched her pussy through her panties. She called me a bitch but fell to one side and I got over her and really started to suck titty while I felt her pussy and got my finger down into her slit, found her vagina and fingered her.

    She was compliant and she took her panties off and opened her legs so I could really get my fingers into her, I kissed her mouth and then I went the other way and I kissed her pussy which was so wet that I had to finger myself while I ate her. Stephanie it turned out was a little lesbo bitch herself and she loved to make out and eat out and finger fuck. What started as a joke ended up being a full blown make out and eat out session, going back and forth, until we went into climax and laid there on the bed just holding hands.

    Stephanie is not your normal little lesbo sorority bitch, Stephanie has been lesboing around since she was in high school and she was the teacher and not the student that night. We slept naked and in the morning she clung onto me and rubbed her clit up against my hip and she gave herself a climax. We showered together and went down to meet the girls for breakfast and everyone talked about the movie they watched on pay per view and who watched porn and who watched a movie. We said we watched a lesbian porn movie, we didn't tell them that it was in 3D.

    I fucked with Stephanie all the rest of our college days and I had to decide to go to Monroe with her or break up. I chose Monroe. There isn't much to do in Monroe, it is a small town of married people with a couple of clubs but not lesbo scene. For that we drove to Shreveport where we found a couple of clubs where we could go and just lesbo all night long. I grew up in the big city and she humored me and we would go to my hometown for long weekends, but the rest of the time we lived in Monroe, under the blankets and in the closet, I worked for the bank as a teller and Stephanie worked for her parent's business in the front office.

    We got discovered a year later when we were at this church service and I was spotted putting my hand on her shoulder and whispering in her ear and caressing her hair. It was unconscious, I love being affectionate and I was lost in thought that day. We were confronted by one of the women of the church on behalf of the pastor and I confessed to lusting for her and no I didn't care what the church thought of it. We were thrown out of the church and that was the beginning of our decision to move to the Big City where we could live in peace, fuck when we wanted, make out in the movies, hold hands in the park and basically be as lesbo as we wanted to be.

    For all the bad things about Monroe Stephanie's parents said OK if that is what you'll are. We know that they had to have suspected because in our college days we were noisy bitches when we went to see them. Sure eating Stephanie in her father's house was something I had to do and she had to let me.

    On the day that we decided to be prime time lesbo queers and throw off all the blankets, open all the closet doors, call her my woman and give her my ring we got nothing but go for it girl cheers, I am talking about our sorority sisters now, because they were never fooled about us.

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