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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Okay so my husband and I have been together for a very long time. The sex is great because he has a large dick and I have a very wet pussy and for the most part he knows how to use his tongue and mouth. But he has never really suggested anything more kinkier during sex. I have started to notice he will do whatever I tell him to do while having sex. He is a bit more turned on when I boss him around during sex. So I just started to experiment a little bit first telling him to do little things like spank my ass as he fucks me doggystyle,having him stick his fingers in my ass as he licked my pussy, had him lay on his back as I sat on his face had him lick my asshole. With all this ass play I was hoping to open him up to me playing with his ass.

    Well one night I just went for it. I started giving a wet, sloppy blowjob- I mean it was one of the best I have done in a long time. My mouth was sucking with force and my tongue never stopped moving. Then I climbed on top of him in the 69 position.I started deepthroating his dick then I started moving my hands down to his ass rubbing and squeezing it. Then I took my finger moved it down the crack of his ass until I found his little hole he stopped licking my pussy, I could tell he was aware of what I was doing. I had him open his legs a little wider then I lick my fingers and rubbed around the asshole opening he was breathing so heavy and moaning then I lick my finger again I could taste his ass which turn me on even more. Then I went for it I took his dick deep in my mouth then I slowly stuck my finger in his asshole. He was so tight so as I'm sucking I'm moving my finger deeper in his ass. He is moaning like crazy. I tell him to reach down and hold his cheeks open. I ask him if he was ready to cum "yes yes" he says. So I just start really sucking his dick I pushed my finger in deeper started rubbing his G-spot. He looses it. He came so hard and so much, I thought it would come out my nose.

    My question for you man is how should I try to introduce more . I think he's starting to open up even more I would love to try pegging with a strap on and I would like to open up to him about my thoughts of women. I would love to try to have a threesome. I just don't know how to express these thoughts and feelings to him without freaking him out.

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    Sit him down and talk to him. Tell him everything will go slow and promise if he has second thoughts he can stop it. Most guys are scared that liking anal means they're gay, due to societal conditioning and such. Just be sure to be reassuring with him during the process and allow him to enjoy exploring his ass.
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    it sounds like he might be willing to do almost anything you want to try but it might be best to not talk about it, just work it in like you did there. some guys are afraid to be up front about kinkier stuff if asked but secretly want to do more. maybe if you have a dildo already you could use it instead of your fingers and see how that goes. obviously if he likes that your next step is a strap on.
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    Yeah, tell him you have thoughts of women and want to share one with him. Problem solved
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    If he's not willing, I would be. I wish my wife was like you. I'd go for everything, and more. My wife is sweet, but boring. I don't dare suggest things like you have described. If my wife wanted to suck my cock while another guy fucks my ass, I'd be like, OKAY! God I wish I had met a woman like you before I met my wife!
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    I wish I would met someone like you. I'm a very open person sexually but emotionally I'm very loyal to my husband. I tried to keep my fantasies and urges to myself for a long time but it's time for me to open up and open him up.
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    I was pegged several times by my first wife which I loved . I have discussed this with my current wife but she canât bring herself do do this as she isnât into it . I am a straight guy who loves all type of sexual play with women but I must admit I do love anal stimulation .
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    Tell him you love him and him only.
    Tell him EXACTLY what you want and all of what you want.
    Then ask him what he wants and tell him you want to do all those things with him and for both your benefits.
    Then change how you are around him the rest of the time.
    Make your life more about sex.
    Show your body off to him more.
    Watch porn with him.
    Go nude around the house.
    Cook dinner nude.
    Initiate sex when he doesn't expect it.
    Show him you're serious about amping thing up.
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    Buy a strap on.wear a sexy skirt with a pushup sexy bra. Have the strapon under your skirt. Do this right before he comes home from work. Text him nawty thoughts and what your wearing. When he gets home he will be horny. Have your back to him and raise your skirt showing your ass. Ask him if he likes what he sees. When he says yessss, tell him to close his eyes and walk up to him stroking your strapon life like toy cock under your skirt. Ask him not to peak and say will you be nawty for me, he says yes, youtell him to open his eyes as he does your rubbing the toy cock and tell him to suck your girl cock good so you can make his ass feel good to cum so good for his nawty wife. Bet he starts sucking. Mmmm
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    Number 8 ,I know I would if I was in this situation , would be in heaven if wife would do this

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