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    When I was 15 I went on an exchange student program to Denmark. The house had a son and a daughter and their son was gone to Bolivia and I took his place and it was me with the house sister, the father and the mother. The father had a eye glass business and the mother was a legal assistant at a law firm. The girl was 13 and she made it clear to me that she was sexually active and she offered herself to me.

    Being a good boy from a church family I didn't know what to do. I knew what I wanted to do, but not how. She came into my room, keep in mind that in these houses everything is small and the children bedrooms were upstairs across the hall from each other too small for a large bed. The upstairs had a mini bathroom, very small with a small sink and toilet and a shower that was hardly big enough to turn around in. She came to my and she got on the bed and she didn't have on any underwear, I could see her hairy slit clearly, a foot away and she asked me if I wanted her to give me a blowjob. She was aggressive and she took my dick out of my pants and sucked me until I was hard and then she lifted her skirt and sat down on me until my dick was all the way in her vagina. It was my first time with 'hot pussy', her pussy was hot around my dick and she was pretty wet and she rode my dick up and down opening her top to let me see her tits. I came all inside her.

    She got worried when I did, I hadn't told her I was going to cum and she went into the bathroom and tried to wash it out. That night her parents had a talk with me, I had been there for less than a week. It was now wait and see. She was my house sister so we had to get along, we went to the same school and she was responsible for showing me around. She exhibited all sorts of issues about togetherness, not that I recognized it at the time, but she was always beside me and she showed me off like a prize pig.

    She gave me blowjobs but wouldn't let me get in her pussy, she told me that she had to wait because if she was pregnant then she was going to have to get an abortion. But as one week turned into two and two turned into three she wanted me to go down on her and lick her up and we sixtynined on the bed, with her on top. I couldn't hold it, I turned her over and fucked her again, this time me on top and I ran my dick into her all the way and shot everything I had back into her. And the next day again. She didn't get her period but her doctor told her to wait because at that age periods could come at anytime.

    We fucked, if she was pregnant it didn't matter, she told me that if she was she would not have an abortion any more, she would just have the baby. Maybe the hormones were all over the place, but she was horny all the time and she wanted sex all the time and we fucked all the time. Her period never came and I the week before I returned home I was told that I was going to be a father, 90 percent but they would confirm. In Denmark for her it wasn't a big deal, girls had babies and didn't get married.

    I saw her again at Christmas time when they came over to meet my family. No big deal, she was pregnant, that's all. My parents weren't from Denmark and they took it seriously and they wanted to make sure that I had all kinds of papers guaranteeing me rights to the baby and they promised her family that they would help financially. Except in Denmark everything is free, no doctor bills, no hospital bills, the family gets help, and the baby gets day care for free. The only hiccup is that I was so in love with her that it hurt when they flew back home. Spring break my parents went with me to see them, and we went again when the baby was born. The baby got her last name, even if I did recognize the baby.

    I never got used to the way she took it, when she came to live with me she was eighteen and the boy was five. He spoke English because they had him in an English school. She moved in, we got married here while I was still in college and we had sex every time we could. This girl, who was now my wife defined what sexually active was, she was active and she insisted on having sex as often as possible. She also never did accept the fact that for us sex was a taboo subject when you are thirteen. We also enrolled her in college and after a year she got the hang of it and did very well getting a degree as a Nutritionist and she works at the Hospital. Being Danish lots of kids is not part of their culture, but we squeezed one more out when the boy was ten.

    She is not much different now that she was when I first went to Denmark, she has no modesty, she likes sex, she is both tomboy and girl at the same time, she does her work but she now she wants to stay home. Her parents come over once a year and once a year she goes over, or we go over. But at least twice a year she sees them along with the kids, who are by now all American and speak only a few words of Danish. We are going to be married 15 years but it is really 20 when you factor in the teen separation. I ask myself if I love her, I ask that a lot. I guess I do I just never had that feeling of a crush with her, she never gave me a chance to have a crush on her.

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    Dude, sounds like a great woman and a great wife. Crushes are overrated, come and go and mean diddly squat. Never mistake crushes for love. Crushes come and go but love is long lasting. It lasts and deepens over time and will continue to do so with a woman like her. Your a lucky guy. Seems to me like you are in a great place.
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    What about her ass? She ever want anal? She still sucking your dick?
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    That's a lived happily ever after situation. She crushed on you before you could crush on her. Doesn't matter.

    Tina Turner sang "What's Love Got to Do with It?".

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