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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Always enjoyed the pleasure with another man, boy when we were boys, young men when we were in college, men when I was grown man. Always same age group. Living in a very large, very diverse city has made it easier to find and enjoy play time with another man. Never anything emotional, I am not interested in a relationship. I need the sex, if he is aggressive better still, I am a bottom at heart and a hard fucking feels good. I am also married to same woman for three decades, she has been a housewife since we got married and I take care of my problem after work or make time. I have lots of experience.

    H unting for some action I answered a post of man who was going to be in town, we shared some pictures and some thoughts and I met him at his hotel. I have learned to sniff out imposters and this man was everything he said he was, I don't give out false information either and he liked what he saw. We had our normal chit chat, and I have to get my hand on the object of my adoration. I am a cock man, and he did not disappoint. I sucked him and he gave up his load and licked it up as always, for me it is the icing on the cake. I don't do condoms, I want it all in the flesh.

    We sat back, I got naked and he got naked and I let him feel around. I wanted to get fucked and when I am horny like that I want him on my back. He used his finger to go deep and give me a bit of massage deep inside, making me leak, he got his throbbing nobbin right up against me and said hold on and in one hard thrust he fucked all the way in. He got into it and fucked me right, I can tell when the fuckor is doing it right, I want to be his fuckee I want him to fuck and cum and let me pleasure his cock. This man was all of that and more, he did it all for me.

    But I got into a relationship with him. He was traveling because he was taking a job in town, and once he was here we had time set aside, he is controlling and I have to learn to let him be in charge. He wears the pants and I am the bitch. Don't think I don't like being the bitch, I do, it feels good to be his bitch. I just wished that things were like time passed, no relationships. But I am in so deep now that it is fucking up my marriage.

    He wants a relationship full time, he does not like to mess around. Most of all the other men I have been with are just looking for some fun, but this time he is serious. I am taking my wife on a cruise, I haven't decided whether to stay with her and give up on a relationship with M or tell her the truth.

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    I was a cute little boy bitch for older boys and eventually men when I got into my teens. Married I too succumbed to an aggressive man who also made me into his bitch. I told my wife which resulted in divorce, I'm still his sissy boy though.

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