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    Straight Female / 24

    When i was a little girl i think around 6 or 7 when i was pissing my dad was helping me sometimes. A few times as i can remembered he rubbed my vagina a little with his hand. I am not gonna lie, i liked it and then i smiled to him and laughing.

    I forgot it for a long time but few months ago I told this to my psychologist. He asked if someone ever touched me because even though i want sex i am very shy and shameful.

    When i told him he said it was harassment but fortunately it was not something more than that. And i told him i liked it and how is possible this can affect me over the years. And he told me it can affect me and children don't always understand what's happening.

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    I had a stepfather, he was tall and handsome and we had one bathroom and I peed in front of him and he peed in front of me, I let him dress me in the morning for school, he combed my hair, in the evening I stayed close to him, in his lap, at night I waited to be tucked in and get a kiss. Our small house didn't hide much from anyone but no one talked about it, or the times I saw my mother run from her bed naked to the bathroom or the times I saw his naked erections in the morning when I went into their room to use the bathroom. My mom called them P-Hards.
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    While you are still in your 20s you should fulfil your fantasies with your father. You'll regret it once it's too late.

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