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    I made a mistake,
    When my daughter was home from the long college summer break, I walked into the wash room and saw what I thought was my wife bending over the linen bin putting the washing in the machine, at times when my wife is bending over and not expecting it I would poke her bottom or slide my hand up her leg and slip my finger inside he knickers and in her vagina unless she told me to leave it, she just jumped slightly but didn't move or do anything to resist I have done this many times and its led to spontaneous sex there and then, I unzip my pants and got my cock out ready, when I herd my daughter say we are being naughty dad, to say the least I was shocked she was wearing one of me wife's full skirts, I apologised I was really embarrassed, she wasn't she just grinned and said its ok I wont tell mum if you don't, since my daughter keeps giving me sly looks and keeps grinning at me when we are alone and has whispered you've got a good cock, I've never thought of my daughter that way now I cant sleep I waking with erections when I have sex with my wife my mind is else where it shouldn't be, I shouldn't but I want to do the unthinkable.

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    Sheâs of legal age and willin5vyopaglg, fuck her
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    Was it really done by mistake mu uncle use to do that to me and said I thought it was your aunt
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    I grabbed my daughters arse by mistake when she was wearing my wife's dressing gown, we both looked surprised, neither of have mentioned it since.
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    Please daddy take me take me
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    we have all made similar mistakes
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    I grabbed my daughters friends arse who staying with us she had borrowed my wife's dressing gown, I realised my mistake when she turned around I apologised she said its ok I like surprises like that.
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    The unthinkable should remain a thought that should not be done.

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