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    Straight Male / 46

    My second wife Marie and I have been married for 8 years. She has a daughter Stacy who is 18 years old and a freshman in college.
    Shortly after we married I BEGAN TO FIND OUT that Marie was very open to un-traditional marriage and sex. Three years into our marriage while we were making love in bed she asked me if I had ever had gay sex before. I told her that I hadn't and never would. She then asked me if I ever thought about her having sex with another woman and if I did, would I like to join them in a threesome. I was dumb founded and didn't know what to say.

    Marie then told me that her friend Linda, who she had known from high school, was bi-sexual and had approached her to see if she would like to explore a lesbian relationship. Marie said that she would have to think about it for awhile.
    Marie then came right out and said to me that she had always found Linda to be very desirable and wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman. She then asked me if I would object to her trying, just once, to having a night of sex with Linda. She also said that if it worked out that she would approach Linda about having a threesome together.

    Linda was a big girl, I would guess 5'10 and about 140 pounds with a beautiful ass and full breasts.

    I was absolutely intrigued and more than willing to have a threesome with Marie and Linda. About a week later Marie told me that she and Linda would be spending the night at Linda's and that she would let me know how it went.

    The next day Marie told me that she was blown away by how passionate and erotic their love making was and that she hoped that I wouldn't object to her and Linda having a regular schedule of sex. She did promise me that she would always love me and that our sex would always take priority over Linda. She also said that Linda was all in on a threesome and that this coming weekend would be a perfect time for the three of us to go up to my cottage on a lake in the Catskills.

    Our weekend at the cottage was fabulous and I was so fucked out after the weekend that I knew I needed some serious rest and sleep. Linda was insatiable in her passion for me and seemed to be having an inordinate number of orgasms. In all honesty, I concentrated on Linda more that with my wife. What surprised me was that Marie was also insatiable in her passion and sex with Linda. With the two of us concentrating on Linda, that may have been the reason for Linda's many orgasms.

    About 6 months after our affair with Linda began, Marie said that she wanted to have a serious talk with me about her daughter Stacy. She told me that Stacy, who was home from college for the summer, had told her mother that she had had a lesbian affair with her college room mate and she was now confused about her own sexuality. After some long talks Marie convinced Stacy that she was probably bi-sexual and that it was OK. Marie eventually, in one of her long talks with Stacey admitted that she was also bi-sexual and that it was perfectly fine.

    In one of the mother daughter talks Stacey asked Marie if she was having sex with Linda. It was obvious to Stacy that Linda and her mother were very enamored with each other and that it was more than likely also sexual.

    I don't know how it all came about, but one day Marie approached me and told me that Stacy and Linda were going to tie up. Marie thought it was alright as she said that she knew Linda would give Stacey some incredible sex. That summer Marie, Linda and Stacey had a pretty steady diet of sex and passion. There never was a threesome with the girls as Linda would have one night with Marie and the next night with Stacey.

    Near the end of the summer, about 2 weeks before Stacy was going back to college, Marie seemed upset when she approached me. She told me that Linda had told Stacey about her threesomes with me and her mother. She told Stacey how great it was and that Stacey should ask her mother if she could join in. Linda had described how big my cock was and how I would suck her clit and lick her ass before I would fill her pussy with my cum. She also pointed out that I had had a vasectomy and she wouldn't have to worry about birth control.

    Marie seemed apprehensive about her daughter being a part of our sexcapades and told me that she was not totally into it. I then told Marie that she should leave it up to Stacey to make that decision. I also told Marie that I would love to fuck her daughter and that I had been fantasizing about Stacey ever since she was 14 years old. Marie said that she wanted to have a private talk with Stacey and then she would let me know if she would agree to it.

    After the talk Marie said that she and Stacey had agreed to me having sex with Linda and Stacey, but she wouldn't have sex with me and Stacey. She said it would be very awkward to see me fucking her daughter. I talked to Stacey and she said that she wanted to kick things off with me that night.

    Marie spent the night in the guest room and Stacey get in bed with me. Stacey was a little hesitant at first but by the time I wrapped my lips around her clit and ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass she loosened right up. Stacey really got into sucking my cock and licking my ball. She then asked me if I wanted to cum in her mouth. I told her that I would much rather cum in her pussy and fill her up with my cum. She agreed that that would be better.

    Marie and I have found that by sharing our sex with others that it actually enhanced our lovemaking together. We both like sharing very detailed descriptions of our sex with the other girls as the descriptions are very erotic.

    During the Christmas vacation when Stacey came home for the winter break we all picked up where we had left off during the summer. One change, though, is that Stacey is trying to talk her mother into watching us make love. Marie is considering it, but she has said that she won't participate.

    Life is Good!

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    Great story! I'll file this under "the luckiest guy in the world".
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    I'll file this under "biggest liar in the world"
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    I will be Fileing it under complete and utter bullshit.

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