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    Straight Female / 22

    The name didn't fit, or arouse any kind of suspicion in me at all. The sex was awesome and I did things sexually with him, I've never done before. Over a four month period we met on and off, with each sex session taking me to new and more exciting heights. His athletic muscular body, his long thick cock and how he used it to fuck my pussy and ass mercilessly over and over again. Spending ages in sixty nines with him. Him tonguing my pussy and ass before showing me positions I didn't know existed.

    Then by pure chance my mom saw us together leaving a motel. We'd just had three hours of amazing sex and I was kissing him passionately before getting in my car. My mom saw all this and apparently sat there in shock. She knew I was seeing an older guy on and off, as one of my girlfriends had told her a little about what I was up to.

    Before she could reach me, he'd driven off and I'd gotten into my car, totally at ease and floating on air from the fucking he'd just given me. Hearing her tap on the side window, I jumped, then smiled as I flicked the button to lower the window. Her face said it all, and I wondered what she was looking so worried about.

    That's when my mom asked me if he was the guy who I'd been having sex with. I smiled at her, said yes and saw the utter shock on her face. It took some seconds before my mom said "Honey you can't see him again, not ever". Before I got the chance to ask why, she walked away and crossed the street.

    My mom was sat silent and very still when I got to her place. Asking her what she was talking about, my mom very clamly said "It's my fault I should have told you". But then didn't say more. Pressing her, my mom eventually looked right into my eyes and told me "That man, the one at the motel. He's your dad".

    I was crushed. Left feeling empty, angry and lost all at the same time. I swear he and I didn't know. Yes he had a familiar look, but then how many people around the world have that. Mom and I sat there over the next two and half hours as she told me everything about their break up, and my three year old self crying for the dad who'd just walked out of our lives. I was distraught then, and eighteen years later, I was left feeling exactly the same.

    It was my birthday not so long back. At my apartment I received a bouquet of flowers, some beautiful lingerie and a note asking me why I hadn't answered his calls, or met him when he'd text me. I was very tempted to message him back and let him know who he was to me. I didn't, but I also didn't refuse those gifts either. Mom and me had had a series of conversations since she'd seen me outside the motel, and I'd decided I should just let the past be the past.

    He turned up recently out of the blue. I so wanted to tell him he wasn't welcome. I wanted to let him know about my loss at the age of three, and I wanted to realize my moms pain too by letting him know he was my father. Instead I invited him in, told him nothing and spent two glorious hours receiving what for me, was easily the best sex of my life.

    I know I'm going to have to tell him soon, but I fear I'll lose him again. He simply has no idea he's my father and enlightens my whole week if we meet. This isn't a tale, or bullshit, or someone's idea of a thrill. It's my life and I'm at a loss as what to do next, other than letting him know and risking the fall out. Either way, and this is the selfish part of all this, I've had my dad back in my life, even if it all fucked up.

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    Such a very interesting story, but missing one very integral detail - how did you meet him? Very well written and crafted by the way.
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    #1 I've not mentioned how or why we met, because it would imply or indicate where we live. The place is extremely well known world wide. All I will say, is there were thousands of others there at the same time, and we still managed to have sex during the event.
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    Fair enough. However, the seduction is often sexier then the sex. It can be described without indicating event or location. Just a thought.
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    She cant tell you were they met because this bullshit is not real.
    Some fat slob man wrote this shit in his moms basement, a basement the slob hasnt left for 3 years probably, he just wanted to jerk off over the stupid comments other idiots leave for stupid storylines like this.
    I suppose it is a change for him from jerking over pictures of hairy mens assholes and balls.
    For fuck sake get out and get a real pussy and stop eating corndogs
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    Haha, love how #4 makes a comment about people getting out and not reading confessions on here. When he's reading confessions on here... Doh!!! Fancy a corn dog #4 hahahahaha
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    Your Dad know whom he is Fucking
    He knows that you are his Daughter
    Look up REDDIT nicest relationships
    Heâs on there
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    I think you should dress and role play as a little girl and call him daddy.

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