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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    At 16 I was out on the streets, no where to go, cold and trying to sleep and get by. I hadn't eaten in 3 days, then it was just some stale buns from the back of a restaurant. I needed money, so I bluffed my way into an adult store and in the back there were small rooms with gloryholes. Some rooms were big and had couches in them. I sucked 4 cocks through the gloryholes asking for some money, I got a total of $9. Eventually; I had to pay the guy at the counter to get it, but was making more money then, and sometimes I didn't pay money, I had to blow him instead. I'd suck for a few bucks, and got to suck a lot so had money for food at least. Eventually the guy behind the counter let me stay over night if I cleaned the place for him. But he wanted more. With me on my knees totally naked after the place closed, he took his cock out of my mouth, picked me up, and shot some lube on my ass and rammed his cock into my butthole. I was screaming and he was laughing, really enjoying putting me in some pain. He shot off after only about 5 minutes and left me with a burning, leaking butthole. He wrote a dollar sign on my ass with magic marker and put one above each of my nipples. He jacked me off making me lick up my own sperm. Then he left. After that, whenever I needed to spend the night I got fucked. Eventually I let guys fuck me in the booths and was making $ 10 each time. If it was a guy in a suit I'd pretend he was hurting me and get $ 20.

    I eventually got sick, caught hep B, and from the hospital found I was on a list. They called my parents and at 17 I went back but in that year I know I'd sucked over 200 cocks and got fucked by at least 100.

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    Ditto some of the things here, except I am a girl and I slept on the streets and sucked cock for money to buy food, I got quarters and dimes from homeless men, and dollars from early morning workmen in their trucks. You do what you have to do. I am not embarrassed about it either, I don't mind if people know what you have to do when you are hungry and on the street. Plus cocks are always hot so having something hot in your mouth feels good.

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