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    I always had an easy time with women, my first fuck was my cousin, not her idea but she got fucked anyway. We were kids, still in junior high school. Your first is supposed to be a tight pussy but the truth is I don't remember, she was not wet when I started but she was wet when I finished, I didn't pull out I fucked her and came in her and fortunately she didn't come up pregnant. It was my first and in many ways the one I most remember.

    I fucked her friend at her house. She got mad at me for fucking her friend and I told her then, if she gave me what I wanted I wouldn't have to fuck her friend. She reluctantly gave me pussy. I still kept on fucking her friend. By then I had learned to find out when they had their period, it was the beginning conversation before fucking them, and if we thought it might be too close I pulled out and came all over their stomachs. I liked seeing my sperm spread out over their belly, it felt good to know that I had fucked them. I fucked my cousin and her friend for the rest of time we were in school.

    I went off to college and my cousin stayed and went to art school in town. When I got back into town before we did anything else we fucked. It was tradition. She adopted the position, whether it was on her back on a bed, or it was with her pants down bent over, she gave up her ass to get fucked. She knew her place. As to her friend, well she wanted out of the relation, but she still got fucked it was just not as easy, and after a couple of times fucking her when she didn't want to I sent her packing. No pussy, no fucking, no friend. And to think that I was still eighteen.

    In college I met this girl, she was a good little Catholic girl, small and pretty and I told my cousin about her and she told me to leave her alone. Girls like that were always virgins. But I didn't follow my cousins advise and one get together after a game she was there with a friend and I took her to a bedroom and fucked her on the bed. She gave me a lot of shit while I was fucking her so I fucked her ass and came in her that way. She got dressed and walked out and I told her there was more where that came from. When I told my cousin about it, especially when I told her I fucked her ass, my cousin told me that I had to marry her. With girls like her there was no choice, you fucked them you married them. That night my cousin didn't give me pussy, she was angry with me.

    So I married her, six months later. Her father didn't like me, her mother didn't like me but the girl was fucked and there wasn't any other way out. She was fucked so she got married. This is the way it was, not only did she get married I had to get married too because I fucked her like that. I did fuck my cousin before I went to the church. She told me it was my last fuck with her, I was getting married. I was nineteen years old.

    Well with her married we moved into an apartment, we stayed in school and I fucked several girls before we graduated, one I fucked a lot and she kept pressing me to get rid of my wife and marry her instead. I didn't, I just fucked her.

    After college, my wife was a good student and graduated with honors and all that, I graduated but I was the one that landed a good job thanks to a professor and she had to find a job after we moved away from college. I guess it was the fact that we were no longer in school, I was 22 and she was 21 and I told her to get pregnant. It wasn't a choice, she couldn't be a good Catholic if she had been on the pill since we got married, so get off the pill and get pregnant. We were not old enough to have children, but she did what she was told and she had three kids and never worked after the first one was born. This girl was raised to be a wife and run a home and have kids and she did just that. That I fucked around on her didn't seem to matter, she knew, she wasn't stupid but it didn't bother her.

    Over the years I fucked a whole lot of women, as I grew older I found the sweet spot for me was women in their mid-twenties, old enough to fuck but not ready to get married. My tradition was to fuck them the first time, turn them over and fuck their ass and load them up there. Seems that the ass fucking always did the trick, once a girl is ass fucked she is yours and I kept girlfriends that way. I just turned 50 and I have this girl now, she is in her late twenties, she has been ass fucked, she sucks cock, we work together. My wife knows about her and she looks the other way, my wife isn't particularly and never was a good fuck, to my wife it is a duty cast upon her but that is all a duty to suffer.

    What is different now is that my wife likes this girl and she is very protective of her and how I treat her. She buys her gifts and wants her to go to church with her. She tells me in front of her to be nice to her and tells her to let her know if she is mistreated or not well taken care of. All the other girls came and went their way and she never said anything about them, but not this girl, this girl she likes, she is a Catholic girl and she comes from a nice home. This one has to be treated nice. She is both a nice girl and a good fuck, so I am not complaining. And for the first time in my life I am in love with this girl.

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    You say your first was most memorable, but apparently you don't remember much about it. Sad, so sad. You need to find some better pussy or get a lot better at fucking.
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    Sounds to me like youre kind of a dick. You wouldnt get away with that shit these days.

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