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    Straight Female / 22

    My mother had a friend who helped her with things, and money for the rent. He came over now and then as I was growing up and he had me sit in his lap and hold hands with him. I always got hugged and kissed. As I grew older the hugs were longer and tighter and kisses were longer and he barely missed my mouth. He groped me, grabbed me by the ass, grabbed my tits, kissed my lips and pushed his hand up between my legs and grabbed me by my pussy. The more I tried getting away the harder he held me and the more he kissed me. When he got my shirt off and started kissing and sucking my tits and his fingers were fucking me I wanted his dick. His dick was out and I grabbed it and held it as he pushed my panties down and he stuck his dick in me. While his dick was in me I just wanted to be kissed hard, his hand kept grabbing my naked ass and an orgasm started and he came too.

    I sat on the chair across from him, I covered my pussy but he kept telling me to lift my dress so he could see. I got a car that year for my birthday. I fucked him almost every time he came over. I sat in his lap, I put his arms around me, I hung onto his neck, I wanted his kisses and his hands on my ass, opening my shirt so he would suck on my tits. I had stolen my mother's boyfriend.

    I don't do very well with some guy who wants to talk or do flowers. I can't get hot, words don't count. I need my ass grabbed, my tits sucked, his fingers shoved in my c**t. Ass fucking always makes me have an orgasm. It is his fault, he taught me. He is a dirty old man really, he fucks my mom, fucks her ass and she screams at him for being a pig, grabs her tits and her ass. He always did, she always complained, he fucked her. And he fucked me and made me like her.

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    Well at least you know what you like.
    That great for a woman so young.
    Be positive about it and build on it.
    If you like to fuck, and it seems he has taught you that, then you can call the shots from now on with any guy or guys you're with.
    the world is your oyster, baby.
    Go for it.

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