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    Straight Female / 33

    I have always been a bit of an extrovert and overexposed myself a whole lot when I was a teen. I never did it with anyone because my parents were very strict and kept me under lock and key. But for whatever reason my parents never stopped me from wearing clothes that were revealing. We went downtown to the department store and I wore a short jean skirt. On the train we sat across from this man and I was flashing him.. Of course at that age I didn't shave anything so he got a flash of thick black hair and my panties. He stared at me and motioned with his fingers for me to open my legs. I was masturbating by then and I could not get enough of it, anything that I could sit on to rub myself and anything big enough to 'ride'.

    Along comes college and I was pretty much over my short skirt stage, but if someone caught a view I didn't care. I never shaved or waxed but I trimmed quite a bit for wearing shorts and swimming but I liked my dark patch. I have always had heavy lips and I guess I showed a bit too much when I wore the wrong type of shorts. But I wasn't flashing, it was not on purpose, I had also stopped masturbating. I was probably mostly just careless.

    I got an intern job at this big office in their Marketing department. My job was proof reading ads and making sure that things weren't misspelled or God forbid someone could take it the wrong way. I was innocent, I had never been around grown men, grown men who came around and hung out at my cubicle and I kid you not, stood there staring at my chest or at my crotch in my inappropriate office clothes. Of course they were standing there, right there so there crotch was at eye level for me and I started to stare back. One day along comes Mr. Jones (not his real name) and he is staring at my crotch, I am wearing very tight pants and I am staring at his 'belt buckle'. His dick is moving under his suit, I can see it, my legs are opening and closing, he is talking to me and I can't look up at him, his dick is hard and pushing against his pants and he has to reach down to move his dick aside. He leans down and he asks me if I am as wet as he is hard. That is the moment when I looked up at him and he put his face right in my face and whispered that he wanted some pussy later on.

    I had been felt up in high school, kissed and I had jerked off a couple of guys and once I had gone down on a guy but not really. I was a virgin and innocent of adult men. He came for me after work and said he wanted to show me this watering hole that he went to before going home. I went, I was so stupid that I went. He bought me a drink and we sat in this booth and the place got filled up with after work people, no one was my age, lots of ladies in tight skirts and lots of men hitting on them, lots of hands on legs and hips and butts, kisses at the bar, it was dark and I didn't know how many drinks I had. I was still in the booth and my work friend was sitting beside me and he had his arm around me and he was grabbing my boob, he was kissing my neck and my mouth and his hand went in between my legs and he was feeling me up in the bar. His dick was hard and he put my hand on it while he kissed me.

    Some lady came over and asked me if I was all right, I don't remember answering her, she offered to get me a cab to take me home, he told her to go away and he asked for the bill and he walked me out and we went a couple of blocks to this downtown extended stay motel near the office and he took me upstairs and I had sex with him. I woke up and I couldn't remember his name at first, he was naked on his back and I was naked and I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet for a long time. I was so hung over. I went back to the room and he was still asleep. I got dressed and went down and caught a cab and went home. I had to call in sick and I slept most of the day.

    I wasn't innocent anymore, I felt bad about what had happened. When he came around to talk to me I answered and when he asked me for lunch I went with him, when he suggested a drink after work I went with him, when he took me to the extended stay motel I went with him. By the time summer was over and I had to return to school for my senior year I was not the innocent girl that went to the internship. I had done it, I had gone down on him and I had been a puppy dog, and I had let him trim me down to where he liked it. I was his office lay and everyone knew it, it is just that I didn't know about office lays. I was in love with him.

    My senior year all I wanted was to get a permanent job where I had interned but I was not offered a full time job. My love affair had to end when I took a job at another company many blocks away. I told one of the secretaries there about my internship and she is the one that said I was his office lay and the worst thing you can do is fall in the love with the SOB. But I had fallen in love and it took a long time to get over it. I had other office lays before I found one that wanted to get married to a girl fifteen years younger than him who would be the stepmother to his fifteen year old daughter.

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