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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife has been getting more and more bitchy. After 20 years of marriage I think I have to put her back in the straight and narrow.

    Will wait a couple of months but, she is going to get woken up but a cock being jammed in her ass.

    I will live up enough, get her panties off, and force that fat cock up her shitter.

    My hand will be over her mouth, so she won’t be heard by the kids, then I can tell her with each hard stroke what a bitch she is turning into. Why she is derserving a load of cum up her unwilling asshole.

    I think that might buy me a few more months of good behaviour.UwL19ve1

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    Certainly sounds like you like to live dangerously.
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    I used the same punishment, and bare ass paddlings for my wife.
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    Good luck in prison. Youll have the same done to you.
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    Good luck in prison.
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    Are your assets substantial? You might have a pickle or two to rub together after the divorce: even in common property states, physical abuse can REALLY bolster the settlement in favor of the abused, especially when she takes the kids because they would not be safe with a man that practices abuse.

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