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    Straight Male / 45

    Just a question, I am a 45 year old male since I was 13 when ever I wank I have a finger up my arse its something I have always done and gives me extra stimulation, its not something you can confess to a friend unless your gay or your female partner, I've never used a sex toy because I am a bit afraid, what has made me ask this question is when I am fucking my wife she has started to finger fuck my arsehole which does have the desired affect I literally burst inside her, she has hinted we use butt plugs any comments please.


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    Whats to be concerned about? You are lucky your wife understands this. The prostate is the male "g spot", it is enjoyable for most men to have it touched. Just relax and enjoy it and be thnakful your wife is ok with doing it.
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    There is nothing unusual about anal play its something you don't talk about, nobody wants there friends to know they are in each others arseholes, even if you discuss your sex lives with your friends.

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