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    Straight Female / 23

    Not proud at all. My boss came on to me and he took me home with me to have sex. After sex we were still in bed naked and his wife walked in. She had been called by a nosy neighbor who saw us drive into the garage.

    She went from angry to 'don't you have any self respect'. She walked around picking up my clothes folding them and giving them to me to get dressed. She sat on the chair while I got dressed. After I was dressed she said she was going to take me home. I got a lecture on self respect, adultery, married men and sweet young girls, screwing your boss and more. And I wasn't the first, the only one, or the last.

    The sex wasn't 'great', being caught in bed is embarrassing and frightening and now my boss treats me with 'an understanding'. I supposed to report to his wife if he makes a pass to have sex. He won't let me report. I can't quit my job, I have a car note, student debt, apartment rent, credit cards, and jobs that pay what I earn are difficult to find.

    She comes to the office unannounced to take me to lunch and not lie to her. She knows because I tell her, I don't lie to her.

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    You need to start looking for another job. Yeah you got caught with him, but she has no right to treat you like that or expect you to "report" to her, shes not your boss.

    He needs to grow some balls and tell her to back off. And he needs to leave you alone. What kind of company is this that allows this to happen? He should be fired, most places would.
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    Good girl.Now,ask her at the right juncture to get him to raise your salary.

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