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    I think my wife is fucking around on me. Lately she has been working late, a lot. The other night she wanted sex, but instead of wanting me to eat her pussy as an opening act, she wouldn't let me get down there like she always does. She kept pushing me away, saying she wants me to fuck her. She always wants oral first. So she climbed onto me and slid her unusually wet pussy down over my cock and started fucking me. She had this look on her face like she was turned on from fucking me, FAR more than usual. I mean she was really getting into it. She's not normally so lusty. Then I started to notice that her pussy was really putting off a smell that she never has. It smelled like old cum, that had been in her for a while. Like she had already been fucked earlier. She normally has the sweetest smelling pussy I've ever smelled. But she smelled like she had had sex some time ago, and the mixture of cum and pussy juice was starting to get ripe. I never said anything. I figure I'll wait to see if I notice any other clues. Any suggestions?

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    It sounds like your intuition is correct. Maybe she’s turned on by the fact that she had sex with someone else and now you’re getting his sloppy seconds. Women are definitely into that sort of thing. I wonder if it was the other guys idea?!
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    Next time, force your way down, and eat her like a starving animal. See how that makes her act. Watch her face to see if she's acting turned on, or nervous, like you might find out what she's been up to. Comment on how she's unusually wet, and musky down there. See what her reaction is to that.
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    Have your next kid DNA tested to make sure it's yours.6
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    Why not keep it simple and find out for sure. Attach a tracking device to her vehicle and monitor where she goes for a few weeks. If you're intuition is incorrect, you can simply remove the device without anyone the wiser. I'm not a big proponent of infringing on other's privacy, but it seems like you might not get a straight answer if you ask.

    That might not work if she's getting pounded by someone at the office after hours. You could always try to plan a last minute plan to pick her up from work and take her to dinner.

    Of course, the above suggestions might also satisfy your suspicions.
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    I would like to stroke off a volley of sperm over her creamy white buttocks
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    OP,...I might be reading too much into this, but I walked into the living room yesterday morning, and my wife was watching a show on VH1, called "Cheaters". I've never seen her watch VH1. Nor have I ever seen her show an interest in any kind of Reality type shows. I'm wondering if she's watching this, to get an idea of how NOT to get caught. This makes me even more suspicious.
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    Next time she is riding you ask her if it turns her on to have her husbands cock inside her pussy, when she says yesss, lick and suck her tits and as you do, ask her if she is also turned on by your cock filling her with hot cum just like she already has cum in her pussy. When she looks shocked fuck her harder and suck her tits real good. Then ask her to tell you how many times she has done this and kiss her inbetween asking her again whos cum has been in her mouth, kissing her passionatly, i bet she cums so hard on your cock. Then lay her back on the bed still fucking her till you get ready to cum, tell her you want to eat her pussy as you cum deep in her. Then kiss her neck, down on her tits, sucking asking if this mystery cum has been on her tits. When she moans yess, yiu keeep going down till your eating her pussy full of cum. After she is pushing cum out for you to eat, tell her inbetween eating her pussy, nomore secrets and cheating, you want her coming home to fuck you filled with cum more often
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    OP to #7, Actually, we've talked about her fucking other guys, or maybe a MFM threesome. It was always sex talk to get us turned on to a higher level than just Plain Jane sex. It never materialized, but if we had a mutual agreement to go through with it, I would be fine with it. I would even want the details afterward. But I don't like the idea of her slipping out during work, or whenever she's allegedly fucking around. I know that she knows this. I would appreciate honesty. If she knows a guy, or guys she wants to fuck, she should tell me first. IF, she's fucking around it would be less trouble for her to just say, "Hey, there's this guy at work that wants to fuck me. You ok with it?" That's all she would have to say.

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